Monday, July 10, 2017

1940 Mix Master and Cherry Limeade

Last week a dear friend of mine gave me a few vintage treasures that she no longer had a need for.  One of the items was a 1940 Sunbeam Mix Master.  The name makes me giggle because I can only imagine the number of brides in 1940 that had their eyes on the latest and greatest mixer called the "Mix Master".  It seems like oo's and aw's should follow after saying the name.  :)

When she gave it to us it was in pretty bad shape (I think she had found it at a flea market), but she told us it still worked.  Well of course the boys in our family had to take it all apart to see exactly how it worked.  Which only made me hope they could remember how to put it back together.  They also had a great time figuring out how each accessory fit and functioned.  We don't exactly have the instruction manual. :)  After all pieces were put back in together, I cleaned it up with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  

This mixer can be used as a hand-held or a stand mixer, which I am sure was a huge feature 77 years ago.  The feature I got the most excited over was the ceramic juicer.  We love lemon bars, key lime pie, and other uses for citrus.  I don't currently have any type of juice squeezer thingy, so I was thrilled that this was something I could actually use (no more squeezing by hand).  We decided to make the Pioneer Woman Cherry Limeade.  Let me just say, IT WAS SO GOOD!  We definitely gave Sonic a run for their money!!!

You press one half of the lime on the ceramic head that spins super fast.  I have never seen something get so much juice out of one tiny lime.  All of us commented on how fast the head spun, creating a crazy vibration on your hand.

The kids had a ball.  I think they also have a love for old things.

This picture just cracks me up.  The vibration was getting to be too much and I think the lime flew off!  His face says it all - that Mix Master really packs a punch! :)

Everyone took multiple turns.  In the end it took 8 limes to get 8oz. of lime juice.  If we had done it by hand, we would have squeezed at least twice that amount.  

The mixture is lime juice, sugar, 7-Up, maraschino cherries with juice, lime slices.


The perfect summer drink!  We decided it was best over ice and served right away.  When we tried it again several hours later it was a bit too tart.

I tried to find the link on The Pioneer Woman website, but I was unable to locate it.  It is from her second cookbook, .

We will definitely make this recipe again.  I love it when we find a keeper!!!