Monday, September 29, 2014

Case of Lazy

I wish I had something inspiring to tell you today... I wish I had a great DIY project to describe and show pictures... I wish I had a fantastic new recipe... I wish I had a brand new handbag to gush over.  I know, that sounds so random but seriously it has become my new obsession.   I can't seem to find a bag and a price that I feel match one another.  I have slaved myself on the Internet looking for both the perfect price and perfect bag - DOES NOT EXIST. Instead of inspiring, creative, or wise words all I have is LAZINESS.  Maybe it is the weather... It has rained more in the last month than all other months of the year combined.  Maybe it is the fact that we are going on week 6 of the pool construction and all the workers can do is pump out more water (please refer to the previous).  Maybe it is because I have been eating horribly and that always makes me want to take a nappy nap.  Maybe it is because our Keurig is finally working again, my mom bought me a box of Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, and QVC is showing all of the Christmas shopping shows.  Maybe it is because soccer practice was cancelled (rain) and we don't have any commitments for tonight.  Maybe it is because one of our children (whom shall remain nameless) is grounded for the next three days.  He or she is sequestered to his or her room unless school or meals are involved.  Since one child is out of the mix, the other two are best friends and are more than willing to share toys and electronics.  OR they are learning a thing or two from the unsaid child and deciding it would be best if they just got along.  The house is extra quiet and when that happens my butt lands on the couch, and my hands find my laptop (in comes coffee and QVC). At some point today, I really should move the laundry (at least it is folded) from the coffee table to the drawers where it lives.  What day did I fold that laundry, again??? Hmmmmm, cricket, cricket....  I can't remember, I will just move it tomorrow. You are probably wondering what the point is to this post. There is no point, that would require using some brain cells.  I used up today's allotted cells during home school. AND yes, I actually justified it to myself that writing a post about how lazy I am feeling would be productive.  :) ** Oh, I must confess something to you.  When my husband pulls into the driveway (approx. 7:30pm) I will close the laptop and hop up.  I will make a bee line for the kitchen and start piddling around.  You know, in complete June Cleaver fashion.  He knows I do this and really could care less if I am on the computer but never the less this is the production I put on every evening.  It makes me feel productive!!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Putting in a Pool - Part...This is Never Going to End

So, we were making good time on the construction of the pool until...the rain.  Last week was a complete wash.  The crew was not able to work a single day.  Our yard looks so bad - we look like "that family" on the street.  You know the type, I am sure you have them on your street, as well.  I even sent a text to my dear neighbor promising her we were going to mow.  Between the tall grass, temporary gate two pieces of plywood nailed together, mounds of random dirt, and various pieces of left over construction parts, we should definitely get the "Yard of the Month" award.  NOT! We finally have some forward movement again.  The last two days have consisted of coping and tile.  I must say I have been impressed with this particular crew.  They move fast! Let me just say, if you have a hard time picking out paint (from those tiny paint cards), DO NOT even try to pick out tile and coping for a pool.  Let's just say the fetal position was involved and maybe even a tad bit of rocking myself in a corner.  Ya'll this was stressful!  We are stuck with this, it is not like painting a room.  If you don't like the paint color you just paint over it.  This is tile that needs to last the life time of the pool (ummm, forever).  This is tile that I need to still like 10, 15, 20 years down the road.  This is tile that in the event we ever put the house on the market other owners will like.  THIS WAS THE BREAKING POINT FOR ME. Below is a picture of what we picked.  If you don't like it, please do not tell me - I can't take it! :)

Overall, I am very happy with our choices.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when the white plaster is applied and it is filled with water.

It has a combination feel of tortoise shell and travertine. 

At least with the rain, our weeds have turned green!  Almost looks like grass!!

This is our 9 month old puppy, Ginger.  This is the fence that has been put up to keep her away from the construction.  :)

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Man in the Bookstore

Friday night my husband and I had a much needed date.  I looked at him in the middle of the week and said, "If at all possible, pull strings, do what you can, beg your mother, but please get us a date."  I am sure if you have kiddos you know what I mean.  You feel like you haven't had a real conversation in days (sometimes weeks).  You feel like you give a quick run down of your day as you pass one another in the hallway during bath and bed time.  Unfortunately this is just reality when you have littles and it only gets worse when those littles have lots of extra activities.  So, after the week we had, date night was definitely needed. We ended up going for a quick bite to eat.  It was only 5:00pm so we thought we would beat the rush.  Well, we would have beat the rush, however, our service was beyond slow and the food was less than mediocre.  After dinner, we went to one of our favorite date night stores.  It is usually a pick from Lowes, Academy, or Mardel - yes, we are adventurous.  You know your jealous! That night we settled on Mardel Christian Bookstore.  It is always so peaceful in there and everyone is so friendly.  We spent some time looking for a birthday present for our son.  He will be ten in less than a month.  Don't even get me started, the water works have already been in full force.  I cry about it at the drop of a hat.  Then we stood and read every shirt on the wall of t-shirts.  My husband picked out two new shirts. 1.  One of the shirts has a cartoon picture of a taco and reads:  "Wanna taco bout Jesus?  Lettuce pray."
2.  The other has a piece of bacon on the front and reads:  "BACON, another reason I know God loves me." We thought these were hysterical and now you know how dorky we can be on our dates. :)  It really doesn't take much to entertain us. I do have a point to this post, it is not just to describe our date.  After the shirts we landed in the book area.  We have been known to stand and browse the books for well over an hour.  I was looking for a red word Bible when I noticed a man out of the corner of my eye.  I looked at him directly and realized I had seen him in the parking lot earlier.  He had been sitting on the tailgate of his truck.  He was taking off what looked like construction or work boots.  He looked exhausted and hot.  I was trying to figure out why he was in that spot because there isn't any current construction in the shopping center.  I am a self proclaimed people watcher (and not in a creepy way).  Put me in an airport and I am entertained for hours.  I always wonder where people are going, who are they meeting, have they had a good/bad day, etc.  I often wonder what their story would tell.  I was wondering the same thing about this man when I saw him in the parking lot. Fast forward about an hour and I realized the man I saw in the bookstore was the same man I had seen in the parking lot.  I noticed he sat down in a chair in front of all the Bibles.  He looked absolutely worn out.  I decided to duck into a different isle and give him the privacy he seemed to need.  Then I peaked at him from around the corner (that privacy didn't last long).  Okay, so maybe the people watching seemed a bit creepy at this point - don't judge.  You know you have done the same thing... and if you haven't just make me feel like I am normal, okay... What I saw brought tears to my eyes.  He sat heavily in the chair holding what appeared to be a Bible.  I just couldn't stop thinking how tired he looked.  Before he opened the Bible, he looked up towards the ceiling and closed his eyes.  I was so moved by watching him.  I wondered about his story.  I wondered why the only place he felt he could find peace was in the middle of a bookstore.  I wondered if maybe he didn't have his own Bible and that was why he was using one from the store?  I wondered what he was trying to look up, what answer he was searching for.  I immediately started praying for him; I have thought about him a lot since.  I hope he found the answers, support, or peace it seemed he so desperately needed. I went to find my husband who was knee deep in Duck Dynasty books.  We love the Robertson's but seriously how many books have they written?!  I hung around for about ten minutes and then my nosiness and mother hen got the best of me - I had to check on the man.  When I stuck my head back around the corner, he was gone - no where to be seen. I wonder where he is today.  I pray that whatever trouble or stress he was facing that he found relief.  I was thankful that God allowed me to watch someone seeking His help, even if it was in the middle of a bookstore.  In that man's moment of stress and exhaustion, all I saw was a beautiful person seeking God.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help One Now - GS4O

Last week, I revealed our family's project; our Servant's Heart Project.  We are teaming up with Help One Now and their amazing program called GS4O (Garage Sale for Orphans).  Our family will be hosting a garage sale later this fall and 100% of the sales will go to GS4O.  This is such a great opportunity for our family and kids.  They have and will continue to be involved in all aspects of the sale.

Help One Now asked us to pick between three different projects (fundraisers) for the proceeds of our sale.  We sat the kids down and discussed each option.  ALL three kids agreed on the same project; that in itself is a minor miracle.  They never agree, in fact it often feels like they go out of their way to disagree.  :) Project Decision Complete:  Ferrier Village, Haiti - Phase 2 construction of pre-school I was blown away that this was their choice.  Their reason, they felt the money from the sale would help the most people possible because it was a pre-school.  It was definitely one of those proud parenting moments.  I will have to keep that one close by for those other, more normal days. :) Here is a little bit about the selected project. Ferrier Village is an anti-trafficking initiative of Help One Now.  The village is a refuge for children who have been rescued from traffickers, or hold a high risk for being trafficked.  In this village, the children are cared for  while restoring mental, physical, and spiritual health.  In 2013, 32 children were rescued by HON with the help of Haitian authorities.  Seven of those children were reunited with their families while 25 of the children now live safely in Ferrier Village. Phase 1 of the Ferrier Village has already been funded and completed.  Five homes were built within the village.  All five homes are now filled with children who were rescued and are now on their way to restoring their health.  Phase 2 is now underway, this is the phase our sale will help fund.  Every little bit helps, even a family garage sale.  This phase will provide a fully functioning pre-school for the children of the village and the area. Here is a picture that was posted as of yesterday.  The progress is already under way.  Just think of the children who will be able to learn in a safe and loving environment, the way all children should learn.  AMAZING!  This is such a blessing for this area.

In order for our family to have a successful sale, we need your stuff!  If you live in our area, please contact me through the RWWA Facebook Page.  Like I said, the sale will be later this fall, but we will gladly take your stuff now. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Few New Features

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks.  If you haven't already noticed, there are three new features to the Right Where We Are main page - the social media icons.  As of now, you can connect to the RWWA Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram pages by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The icons are located on the right hand side of the screen directly under my picture.  I am super excited to have these icons added to the site.  

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I LOVE just about everything I find but hate that I seem to forget about the rest of the world when I am busy Pinterest-ing (yes, I just made that word a verb).  It is a huge time-sucker for me (time-sucker is also now in my personal dictionary).  I have to make sure to use Pinterest responsibly or I can get myself in a lot of trouble. :)  I am also a fan of Facebook and love that I finally have a page devoted to RWWA readers.  Now for Instagram, I am still pretty primitive.  The reason for this is because I think I own one of the oldest iPhones on the planet which can no longer except iOS upgrades, don't judge me.  Some day I will be caught up!

One more thing, if you hover over any picture in a blog post, you will notice the "P" for Pinterest.  Clicking on this is another way to lead you to the worlds best waste of time and my fourth love right under God, family, and friends. :)

Susan at Hand Made Life is the very talented and sweet woman who is responsible for the recent upgrades on my blog.  She is such a great person and was super fun to work with.  Thank you, Susan!!!

I love you all for reading my little blog.  It is my beloved slice of "me time" each day.  Thank you for being a part of it!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Servan't Heart Project - Family Style!!

Last year, I assigned our oldest son a project which we called a Servant's Heart Project.  It was such a blessing for him and the children he helped.  Wonderful life lessons and the joy of helping other's was at the helm of the project. This year, we decided to adopt a family approach to our Servant's Heart Project.  This will be a hands on project for the kiddos, as we will involve them in all aspects. We chose a non-profit organization called, Help One Now.  This amazing organization and group of people commit to rescuing abandon orphans, preventing slavery and rescuing those who have been enslaved, and providing care to vulnerable children so they won't become orphaned.  Another main focus of Help One Now is helping families of severe poverty stay together as a family unit. Here is their mission statement:
Mission: Help One Now is a catalytic tribe committed to caring for orphans and vulnerable children by empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty.
About the Tribe: As  a collective group of churches, businesses, communities and individuals from around the world.  The people of Help One Now are dedicated to using their gifts, talents and resources to help end extreme poverty, care for orphans, rescue slaves and see communities transformed by serving international partners through Help One Now. We sponsor kids, host garage sales, donate funds, take trips, advocate, and much more.

Our family is going to host a GS4O event (Garage Sale for Orphans).  We are still deciding on an exact date but we are shooting for the beginning of November.  The kiddos will help organize, price, and set up for the garage sale.  The total amount sold at our garage sale will be donated to Help One Now.  

WE NEED YOUR STUFF!!!  Your excess and throw-aways are exactly what we need for our sale.  If you live in our area and have STUFF please contact me.  Our family will schedule a time to swing by and pick it up from you.

Also, with the help of Help One Now our family will be creating a GS4O t-shirt.  Yet, another great educational experience for the kids.  If you are interested in purchasing a shirt I will have more information in the near future.  We will donate any extra money (over the cost to make the shirt) along with the garage sale totals.

I encourage you to following the link, Garage Sale for Orphans, and watch the video.  Also, look around on the Help One Now site.  It has so much wonderful information.  Most importantly, contact me so we can  GET YOUR STUFF!!!

As the details evolve, I will let you know. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tangled No More

Oh. My.  Where do I begin? This is not the post I had scheduled for today.  Today's original post will have to come another day because I have GOT to share what happened between 12pm and 1pm. We were going about our day as usual.  The younger two kiddos were taking a break while I sat with my oldest son.  Math is not his favorite subject (he comes by that naturally) and it usually helps if I am close by for questions and to lower any anxiety that may pop up.  I was so thankful the other two were being quiet... (insert smile due to perfect parenting moment) STOP RIGHT THERE - there it is, my big, fat, mistake.  Why have I not learned that when two children are together and quiet it is not a good thing.  This is never the time to pat myself on the back and remind myself their quietness is due to my excellent parenting. QUIET EQUALS TROUBLE!  You would think I would know this by now! This is the trouble I found.   Apparently, they were combing her hair... In my state of panic, I called my mom who recommended conditioner.  One of the ladies she works with offered the suggestion of cooking oil.  I worked and worked trying to get the hair out from around the comb.  The more I worked the worse it got.  I have never seen hair wrapped so tightly in all my life. I decided to call my hair dresser and get her opinion.  She said to use creamy peanut butter (something about the oil would make the hair slick and release from the comb).  Thirty minutes later and a lot of PB&J minus the J, we had a huge mess.  At this point, my husband (who loves our daughter's hair) felt it was necessary to comb home from WORK!  Yes, this was an emergency in his book.  :)  He was speechless when he laid eyes on her; as if something horrific had happened to his baby girl. As you can see, she was quite amused by all the attention.

After the peanut butter was a failure, I went with the advice of my mom and cousin - A LOT OF CONDITIONER.  Now, we had a mixture of Pantene and peanut butter; an interesting smell to say the least.  Oh, and through all of this my daughter made herself lunch by eating the peanut butter from the jar! Ugh!

It just kept getting worse.


Charlie was determined not to have to cut her hair.  The comb was stuck so close to her scalp that cutting it would result in a really short style which I could tell in his book was not an option.

I must say, she was a real trooper.  She only complained a couple of times and never once cried.  

In the end, we had to cut a small amount of hair.  I am sure you are assuming with scissors, right?  Nope, we are the house of a butcher...

  You got it, one of his knives... 

 It was quite the process.  He was ever so careful, using precise technique to minimize the amount of hair that would have to be cut.  He did a great job.  It really just looks like she has had some breakage from bobby pins or ponytail holders.  I don't think anyone will ever notice.  I was more than impressed!

It took quite a bit of washing to get everything out.  When he was finished he told her never to allow her brothers near her hair again.  She just smiled with a little twinkle in her eye and said, "Daddy!"

Just another day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Putting in a Pool - Segment C

Well, I am glad this step is over!  It was loud, I mean three solid hours of loud, rattling, nerve wracking sounds.  The dogs were beyond nervous, protective, vocal, overall wrecks.  The kids were crazy, excited and hyped up on sugar because I made the not so smart move of serving donuts this morning.  I kept myself busy by pacing and trying not to allow my type A personality to come unglued. The pictures really don't do any of it justice since I can't access that part of the backyard.  We had the crew put up a temporary fence to keep the dogs and kiddos out of the construction area.  After two layers of construction mesh and lots of plywood, I am beginning to feel like we have the Great Wall of China in our backyard.  I have taken most of the pictures from inside the house.  I am not about to let my kids outside with heavy equipment and big trucks.  They would either get in the way or try to operate one (most likely the later). This is what we called the gunite truck.  The sand stuff on the top will be mixed with water and then get sprayed through a large hose onto the re-bar.  I am sure there are a ton of technical terms but you get the jist.

Thankfully, they did not show up until almost lunch time.  We were able to get most of our school work done prior to their arrival.  This is where my L-7, rule following, can't deviate from the plan personality really had a melt down.  I am sure a lot of homeschooling moms have found a way to relax the schedule but I just haven't had that break through yet.  It is a school day, therefore, we do our school work (such a party pooper).  

I knew this day was coming, the day of the spray and I knew it would be loud but...  After pacing and checking the clock five hundred times (to see how much school time was being wasted),  I decided the best idea would be to just let the rest of the school day go.  There, I did it!  As my husband would so lovingly say, "I was able to unpucker."  Isn't he romantic? :)  

When I announced this to the kids, my oldest ran back to his desk and said he still had work to do.  So... after I recovered from complete shock, I sat down with him and happily helped him finish his science and history.  Apparently, that apple didn't fall far from the tree (me being the tree). :)

At this point, I was praying none of my neighbors would need to access their driveways or homes and there wouldn't be any need for an ambulance or firetruck, for that matter.  The entire cul-de-sac was filled with trucks!

I ran upstairs for just a minute and when I came down, the kitchen windows were covered with plywood.  The house seemed so dark.  Did we have to board up the windows for a hurricane and some how I missed it?  Only people who live near the coast would immediately associate a dark window with hurricane boards, bottled water, and cans of SPAM.  If that sentence doesn't make any sense to you, please just carry on with the rest of the post.  Remember, my stressed out psyche has been through a lot today.  

At this point, my husband had come home from work for a quick look-see.  Thankfully, he remembered my coke.  I had called him and said, "For my mental sanity and the safety of our children, when you come by please, please, please bring me a coke."  One sip and life had new meaning.

These poor guys work in crazy heat and complete filth all day.  I just felt so bad for them.  They ate lunch in the tiniest piece of shade.  It took everything I had not to invite them in and serve them fresh warm cookies and milk.  

If you are judging me at the moment and please refer to my psychological state in previous paragraphs.  I think anyone who is trying to deal with the construction of a pool, two crazy dogs, and home school three children (for the last three weeks) deserves to sound a bit off (if you know what I mean).

So, here we are.  This is what it looked like at exactly 2:34 this afternoon.  From certain angles it looks really small which makes me panic and run back in the house only to burry my head in a pillow much like an ostrich.  The other angle I cannot get to because of the Great Wall of China.  I guess I could climb over the fence but I just know I would be the homeowner who would mess something up.  "Ummm, yes, I hate to call you, but I completely left footprints in the wet concrete, gunite, cement stuff.  I know you put up a fence but I just had to get a picture for my blog. "  Something tells me that conversation would not go over well.

 Thankfully, I think the next few days should be quiet.  I will give you another update as soon as something looks different. :)

Earlier post from the pool are Putting in a Pool - Part Uno and Putting in a Pool - Act II.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Putting in a Pool - ACT II

We are going on week three of the pool building process.  So far, we have had more rain in the last two weeks than the last six months.  At this point, I feel we have done our part to help our city out of the drought.  I knew the moment we had a huge hole in our backyard, it would rain.  I was right... But, things are looking up!  I was just told today the gunite or concrete or cement (I am still not sure which one to use and at what time) will be sprayed within the next two days. of now, we don't have any scheduled rain within those days. Here is a look at the progress: Last time, I posted (Putting in a Pool: Part Uno) the hole had been dug and we were beyond excited.  The second my husband got home that night, he jumped in with the old tape measure.  I think he measured every inch of that hole!  Thankfully, all was good.  I am not really sure what you do with a mistake of that size.

He can't help it.  Typically, he is in charge of all projects around the house.  This one is a bit out of his hands.  So, he measured, and measured, and then measured some more.  It soothed his soul.  The next morning he went directly to the backyard, came in the house, and reported, "Yep, the hole is still there."  Poor baby, I think being out of control on this has made him a bit antsy (not that he would ever admit that).  :)

The kids could hardly stand the fact that he was in the hole and they weren't.  Believe it or not, all three kiddos managed to stand still (not pushing or shoving) on one kitchen chair.  They are so still you can't even see the third and shortest child in the picture.  Amazing - they can do it when they really want to! 

And then...we gave in.  We couldn't take it any longer.  Water or not, we were getting in our pool hole!!!  Just for the record, I did not participate in anything childish like pretending to swim or lounging by the ledge.  Nope, I just stood absolutely still and adult-like in our big hole... :)  

Being in the hole was a completely different feeling compared to looking into the hole.  It felt so much bigger when standing in it.  It is an odd feeling to be below the ground in your own yard.

The last week and a half has consisted of rain and re-bar; a lot of both.  

This phase is finished.  As you can see, the light (large round circle) has been installed along with some plumbing.

This is the "tanning ledge".  Really, that is just a fancy term for a nice shallow place for Pappy (my father) to lounge.  He even has two "bubblers" (another fancy pool term for two teeny, tiny fountains). :)

So, fingers crossed we will have gunite, concrete, or cement in the next couple of days!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bathroom Organization - Toothbrushes

Bathroom organization is a huge problem in our house.  The main reason is that we have awful, builder grade cabinets which offer almost zero storage.  Our three kids share one bathroom.  In that bathroom there is one sink with one cabinet and one very, very shallow drawer.

Our biggest problem - TOOTHBRUSHES!  

We have tried the traditional toothbrush holder, cups, suction cup toothbrushes (which stick to the mirror), keeping them on a shelf, etc., etc.  In the end, they always end up on the counter stuck in toothpaste - yuck!

Until now.... (insert mommy dance and lots of excitement)

Y'all this is pure genius.  I found the idea on Pinterest and unfortunately it was a bad link so I cannot give credit.  However, the idea is off the charts!  Can you guess what it is?  

A silverware tray from Dollar Tree - I only paid $1 for this little gem of organization.

Best part, when it gets gross and covered in toothpaste (as I know it will), I can either run it through the dishwasher or chunk it and buy a new one for just $1.  SCORE!!!


*** Thank you I Heart Organizing for a fantastic link party!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kitchen Favorites - Colanders

Happy Friday!!!  Just a quick little post for today. Three of my favorite kitchen items are three different sized colanders.  I love that they are functional, cute, and give such a vintage feel to the kitchen.  My absolute favorite is the old, dented, metal one shown in the picture below.  The drain holes are shaped like stars and it no longer sits level.  I love it because it belong to my grandmother.  I am not sure the exact age but I feel like I was told it was a wedding present.  If that is the case, my grandparents were married in 1953.  That colander has seen a lot or should I say, it has drained a lot!  The other two colanders I have purchased in the last year.  They don't hold any sentimental value but are super cute.

I love the way the small white colander looks with fresh fruit.  Plus my cousin and I share a secret love of anything strawberry (passed down by our grandmother).  Strawberries make our hearts happy! :)

But this of course would be my all time favorite picture when it comes to colanders.  I don't think I have to explain...:)

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recent Reads

One of my favorite pass times is to sit down with a cup of coffee, comfy blanket and a great book... Wait, I am a mom of three children and four pets, that is not at all what my reading time looks like! This is how it normally goes.  I put a good movie on for the kids (so they will be contained to one area).  I give them snacks and drinks, helping to eliminate the possibility that I will need to get up.  I curl up on the couch and pretend I am invisible.  Most importantly, if I don't make eye contact or make sudden movements, the kids forget I am even there.  Bingo - I have earned myself a whopping 30 minutes of quality reading time.  Of course this is when the phone rings, someone comes to the door, or the dogs need to be let out, let in, and let out again. So, these are the books I have enjoyed recently.  I prefer books that are on the shorter end with brief chapters.  Why?  Please refer to the previous paragraph for that answer.  Here is my short by wonderful list. 1.  Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
I am sure many of you have heard of this daily devotional or may read it yourself.  It is one of the best devotional books I have ever picked up.  It includes 365 devotionals, one for each day of the year plus Bible verses.  The part that I love the most is the author's take on God's point of view.  Each devotion is written as if God is speaking directly to the reader.  My husband bought it for me a couple of years ago.  I have made it through the book more than once but can't seem to put it on the shelf.
2.  No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage
This book had me laughing and crying.  It spoke to my heart and felt as if it was written just for me.  I love the truth of motherhood portrayed in this book.  If you find yourself being a little too hard on yourself and your role as a mother, you must read this book.  It will remind you that you are doing a fantastic job!

3.  Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker
Okay, hold on.  This book is not for the light hearted.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have the urge to do "more".  This book has only solidified that feeling.  It will shake you to your core and bring new light and education in regards to helping others.  If you are comfortable with your current life I do not recommend this book.  However, if you are looking to make a change in your Christian walk then please run out to the closest book store or grab your laptop, phone, or tablet and order this book.

So there, I gave you a great daily devotional, a funny and very honest view of being a mom, and a rock your world interruption.  Let me know if you have also read these books.  And more importantly, I want hear about your favorite reads!