Monday, May 9, 2016

2nd Grade Currriculum

Earlier this week, I posted the kindergarten curriculum I used with my daughter this year.  Our sons are finishing up 2nd and 5th grade.  I thought it would be helpful to list their curriculum, as well.  I love that with homeschooling you get to pick your own curriculum.  However, there is so much to chose from!  I always find it helpful when I can talk to another mom or read a blog written by a mom who has used the curriculum.  Our co-op has a curriculum swap every spring.  Everyone brings their gently used curriculum and can either swap or sell for a discounted price.  It is such a huge help financially but also just to talk to the other moms regarding the choices.  With that said, the reason for writing this post is to help other homeschool moms.  Let's face it, it takes a village!:) **How many times can I type the work "curriculum" in one paragraph?  LOL :)
2nd Grade Curriculum

Bible:    This year we used a combination of daily devotions and Sunday school homework (sent home by our church).  I also love the Jesus Calling for Kids.  It was a great spring board for sharing and conversation.  I also spent quite a bit of time teaching the kids how to look up books, chapters, and verses in their Bibles.  Last year we worked on the order of the books for the New Testament with a fun song.  This year, I would announce a book and they would have to tell me if it was from the Old or New Testament.  Then we would move from there, finding the specific books, chapter, and verse. Science:   Answers in Genesis: God's Design for Life  I purchased this curriculum last year at our annual curriculum swap.  It had been previously used by two other families but was still in really great condition.  The best part about this curriculum is that it is designed to work with multiple ages at the same time.  Both of my sons were able to work side by side and my daughter was able to join in, as well.  It was fantastic and made our science time fun for everyone.

Handwriting:   A Reason for Handwriting: Transition  I decided to use the Transition workbook because I really wanted my second grader to begin cursive handwriting.  We spent the first half of the year on his manuscript and the second half of the year on cursive.  This coming year, his handwriting assignments will be strictly cursive.

Spelling:   All About Spelling - Level 1 & 2  In years past, I have used ABeka for spelling.  However, after much frustration and talking to other homeschool moms, I decided to switch and try All About Spelling.  I have LOVED this approach to spelling and phonics.  The kids are learning the reasons behind spelling rules and how to use phonics to guide spelling decisions.  With this program, you start at Level 1 regardless of grade or age.  My second grader started with Level 1 and is almost finished with Level 2.  I have seen a huge improvement in his spelling over the course of the year.

Math:   ABeka: Arithmetic 2  My second grader really enjoys math.  Which is crazy to me because those aren't exactly my feelings about the subject. :)  BUT, he loves it so I really allow him to set his own pace; which is usually fast!  If he wants to go above and beyond the assignment I always allow it (such a benefit of homeschooling).  He completed this curriculum right after Christmas and was chomping at the bit to start multiplication.  I started him on Math U See: Gamma.  This is the multiplication level for Math U See.  It also comes with a short lesson (per chapter) which he thinks is super fun.  Language:   ABeka: Language Arts 2  I really prefer to stick with ABeka for Language.  I have looked at other curricula but I always come back to ABeka for this particular subject.  It gives the child such a good foundation.

Letters & Sounds:   ABeka: Letters and Sounds 2  By using both ABeka and All About Spelling, I feel the kids are really understanding and applying the rules of phonics.  There is a test booklet that you can purchase but I really didn't care for it.  Since, I am checking on a daily basis for  his understanding, I decided we really didn't need to use the tests. Reading:   ABeka: 2nd Grade Readers  With each grade level, I have used the ABeka readers.  My kids really enjoy the stories and I like the comprehension questions and vocabulary. I have mentioned before that we belong to a Christian based homeschool co-op.  We attend the co-op on Friday's where the kids get to take various classes and enjoy time with their friends.  We absolutely love it.  The kids and I have met some of our dearest friends at co-op. :)  This year my youngest son (2nd grade) took Cooking, Texas History, and Legos.  That is all for now.  I will post the 5th Grade choices later this week. :)


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