Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Supposedly South Texas

Oh my goodness, I have the winter doldrums!  I mean seriously, it needs to be Spring ASAP.  Living in South Texas we don't experience much winter, but this year has been a different story.  We have had more COLD weather (like even cold to other parts of the country) than I can ever remember. 

I'm done with cold.  

I am done with layering clothes, coats, gloves, all the things.  

I am over an electric bill that made me cuss like a sailor.  

I'm tired of not wanting to go to the restroom because the toilet seat is so cold...(yes, this is a problem due to the electric bill - insert eye rolling because I am cheap).

I find myself questioning if feeding the chickens is really a necessity because the walk out to the coop feels like a hike through the frozen tundra.  Unfortunately, feed is crucial for their survival...FINE!

AND....I am SO done with our sheets on our bed feeling like some type of cryotherapy session.  Every night I stand on my side of the bed trying to convince myself that the sheets aren't really as cold as they seem.  I become my own cheerleader, convincing myself that I am strong and courageous.  I CAN DO THIS, I CAN GET INTO THE BED.  Only for the same outcome....more un-lady like words.  You would think that a husband the size of mine would be warm...he works in a cold room 12 hours a day.  I think the room he is in is an average 32 degrees.  On days when he is in the freezer it is something below zero, but at this point, the numbers really don't matter.  The man is frigid! He is an iceberg.  The night usually ends up with one of us yelling, "Stop flapping the covers!"  So romatical this winter of ours... LOL

I need the sun.

I need to feel sunshine.

I need to sit on the porch.

I need to run errands without a coat.  Coats make me feel like a three year old on the verge of a tantrum.  You know, that feeling when you forget to hold the bottom of your sleeve before sliding your arm into the coat sleeve.  There is no returning from that, you must surrender to the coat and start over.  OR just forget the coat, run to the car, and then the entire time you are out question if at some point you moved to Alaska because there is no way this is South Texas.

Also, my kids' moods have been off.  I am blaming this on the lack of Vitamin D.  If their moods are off, my mood is off, then their mood is off, then mine...you get the picture.  We are just plain moody!  We need SUN.

I can't even remember the last day we had blue skies and sunshine.  I found a picture on my phone from Super Bowl Sunday of the sunset.  I don't remember the sun shining during that particular day, but at least I have proof the sun does exist.

Until we meet again, dear sun....


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