GTA 5 PS4 online money earning and playing

The unique in-game world with different available activities, endless money-making and spending opportunities quickly attracted millions of GTA fans. Having no time for earning billions and burning desire to quickly buy luxury in-game items, the alternative option to line pockets is definitely worth considering.

The birth of a legend

There are about a dozen popular game series in the world that have existed since the end of the last century. Not all parts are created equal. Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA have always managed to produce great games. Not a single failure in over 20 years. Each part has become a symbol of the gaming era. The last fifth part broke the records by receiving four prestigious awards in the year of release.

When the first part of the game came out, all games were linear. It stood out for the open world. In the fifth part, there are no restrictions on moving around the map. Complete freedom of action is the main feature of the game. The size of the game world is around 30 sq. miles. Maybe not a huge universe, but the landscape is very diverse. To get from one corner to another, you will have to change several transport types or use a helicopter. The fifth part differs from the previous ones:

  • three heroes instead of one with special specializations;
  • the largest open world in the series;
  • the underwater world that can now be explored;
  • a large selection of mini-games;
  • heists with several variants of the plan and the selection of companions;
  • you even can play as a dog.

The player is granted great freedom even to break the law. Certainly, this is followed by punishment, the police will look for the offenders. The higher the offense, the more attention is paid to the main character. Car theft is the calling card of the game. You can do it right on the road, throwing the rightful owners out of the car.

What hardware is necessary to play GTA 5

The game has realistic graphics. For many years it has been kept at a decent level and is not inferior to newly created projects. The main engine deserves special attention. It is much better than the competitors have. At the same time, the optimization is good and the system requirements are modest. There are many videos on the network where GTA 5 is launched on outdated computers with old video cards. There are over twenty parameters in the graphics settings to adjust for each computer.

Also, the game supports UHD (4K) screen resolution but requires powerful hardware for such a regime. In general, GTA is not demanding to the video card, even high settings can be enabled on a weak one. Anti-aliasing is probably the most demanding setting and can only be enabled on the very best graphics cards. The power of the video card really needs a little. More important is the amount of memory. High-quality textures take up a lot of video memory.

The main thing is a stable FPS. This is the number of screen refreshes per second. This means that the image will be smoother if the number is higher. When playing heavy effects, the load on the video card increases and a drawdown is possible. Therefore, you need a powerful graphics card that will provide a stable 60 frames. It is not necessary to use higher frequency monitors.

However, the processor needs to be a powerful one. Today the most popular multiplayer games can run on a dual-core processor but GTA requires a minimum of four cores (Intel Core i5 as an example). The computer requires a power reserve for normal operation when the game is turned on. Each program uses RAM and processor resources.