Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teacher Gifts: I Love This Idea!!!

Since we homeschool, teacher gifts are not something we have to worry about BUT for most parents teacher gifts can become a tad stressful.  There are always the questions of what will the teacher like, how much money is appropriate, would he or she just rather have a gift card, what is everyone going to bring?  

My cousin, Jessica, writes on her blog called, The Almost Perfectionist.  I just love, love, love her blog and I check in for new posts all the time.  Yesterday, she posted about the teacher gifts she put together this year.  First when I opened my email this morning, I was super excited to see that she had a new post.  But when I read the post my jaw dropped, I thought her gift idea was genius!  It is not only a great idea for teachers but girlfriends, mothers, mother-in-laws, Bible study women, pretty much any female that I could think of.

She put together individual baskets filled with Christmas wrapping supplies.  They are the cutest, holiday wrapping stations - everything you would need in one little package.  I just love the idea!  

Please head over to her blog and take a look.  It may just help you check one, two, or three more people off your list!

This picture is just a peek of what she put in the baskets.  You can see all of the pictures and contents at her blog.

Happy shopping, wrapping, and giving!!!

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