Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fun with Organs

We finished our organ project!  A few weeks back we visited our local science and history museum.  They were giving kids the opportunity to color worksheets of various organs.  Then the child could have someone trace an outline of his or her body on butcher paper and glue on each organ.  We really didn't have the time to do the activity at the museum, however, the volunteers allowed us to take the worksheets home. Each day we would discuss, color, and cut out an organ.  My kids are ages 10, 7, and 5.  I would say this assignment was perfect (age and grade level) for my 7 year old.  However, all three kids enjoyed it so we did it together.  I have found it is pretty easy to beef things up or tone them down depending on the age of the child.  It is so much easier (on me) when we can find an activity or assignment that everyone can do together.  Plus, the kids seem to really enjoy working with one another. If you remember, while working on this project, we also had a fantastic lesson on a cow heart and liver (See Here).   After coloring and cutting out all of the organs,  I traced each child's outline on white butcher paper.  Then we referenced an organ chart to make sure we were placing each organ in the correct spot.  The funny party was that my five year old is quite a bit smaller than her brothers.  Her organs did not fit in her tiny body outline as well as theirs did.  We were laughing because her organs kept "falling out". :)
The kids were able to color the organs however they wished.  However, they pretty much stayed with red, pink, brown.

There was a bit of frustration when organs did match up with one another, especially the stomach and intestines.  I kept reminding the kids that because it was on paper organs would have to overlap and lay on top of one another.

She was insistent that her heart is that far to the left…we decided just to go with it. :)

His bladder is yellow because he said it was "full"… You just gotta love boys. 

Ginger was an issue because we were on the floor.  The kids kept yelling, "Ginger keeps stepping on my ______________" (fill int the blank with just about every organ).

This was a success and super fun activity!

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