Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Blessing of a Little Desk

See the little desk in the picture above.  That little desk was given to my oldest son when he was barely walking.  It was a Christmas present from my parents.  I remember my mom researching and shopping endlessly for the perfect desk.  Over the years, each of my kids have had their time with the desk.  My oldest ate breakfast in it for the longest time.  He refused to eat breakfast at the table but was very content in his desk.  Our youngest son used it every day during his Pre-K year which was our first year home schooling.  I specifically remember him writing his name for the very first time while sitting in that desk.  Then our daughter (the only one that can still fit in it) has used it in our homeschool classroom every day during calendar time.  I could go on and on but the point is that little desk holds so many memories for this mama. I have been struggling with the decision to get rid of it but the thought just hurt my heart.  However, our classroom has become quite crowded and I am trying to clean out.  I decided to put a picture of the desk on our home school co-op Facebook page (wow that is a mouth full) and see if anyone could use it.  Immediately one of my dear friends responded back.  I was surprised to hear from her because all of her kids are too old for a desk that size.  However, she said it was for her neighbor's son.  She mentioned that he is two years old and diagnosed with autism.  Tears came to my eyes as I read her message and my heart was warm with the thought of giving him the desk. I took the time to really get the desk nice and clean.  Structurally it was in excellent condition, however, after three kids it did show some signs of "love" (in the form of Crayola markers).  We loaded up the desk and I took one last picture (sappy, I know).  My friend sat the desk on the little boys's porch and then texted his mom. Later in the day, I received a message from my friend. She said his mom was crying because the desk meant so much to them.  She had been wanting to get him something he could call his own but things just hadn't worked out.  He is currently in three different types of therapy and from what I understand one of the goals is to get him to sit down in one place for an activity.  I also cried as I looked at the picture she sent me.  He was sitting nice and tall in his new desk playing with his iPad (so proud).  He is a nonverbal autistic child and his iPad is his way of communicating. This little desk that came into our home 10 years ago has moved onto another family.  God saw a need and used our little desk and a great friend to bless an amazing little boy.

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