Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Schedule

We have had summers when I run a tight ship with lots of activities, crafts, and creative snacks.  Those years were wonderful, however, I often felt like a cruise director trying to keep up with everything.  It seemed like I was always running out to the store for a missing ingredient or some type of craft supply.  I would spend hours planning and organizing and the kids would finish the craft, activity, or snack in about 20 minutes, 10  if it was my lucky day.

We have also had summers when I throw caution to the wind and the schedule out the window.  It was fun to be completely lazy and schedule free for about a week.  After that everyone had horrible attitudes and constantly complained.  Why?  They (and myself) were bored to tears.  

So this summer we are going to go for the middle of the road.  I have come up with a schedule but it is going to serve more as a guide and not a time clock.  I went over the schedule with the kids because I always have better results when they have "bought in" to a new idea.  They only had one complaint.  Look at the schedule and see if you can pick it out.

Did you find the issue?  If you guessed "Quiet Time" you got it right.  My middle child seems to be having the most issue with this.  He said he never knew an hour could be sooooo loooooong. :)  I reassured him it was not nap time.  He would be able to read a book, play with his toys, just about anything as long as it was in his room.  The kids don't know this but I was just trying this out to see if I liked it.  Let me tell you this much, I LOVE IT!  My youngest stopped napping at two years old and she is now five.  So it has been a long time since I have had any type of quiet time in our house.  I think I may keep it up during the school year.  Everyone can benefit from an hour of quiet.  

Well that pretty much sums everything up.  I didn't even type the schedule or make a printable, just slapped it on the refrigerator in the kitchen.  I didn't take the time to really include meals.  We will have our three meals a day but the times will probably fluctuate here and there.  Also my kids are typically up way before 9am but this gave them the opportunity to sleep in.  It also gives me the opportunity for a little more quiet time in the morning.  :)

Happy Summer!!!

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