Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Mastered Meatloaf!!!!


Last night, I had the most exciting thing happen!  

I mean like SUPER exciting!

We have had a break through in our humble little home!





Yes! As in, we actually....wait for it...wait for it...


I made meatloaf and it was worthy of being consumed!  Over the years, I have tried what seems like countless (okay, maybe like 5) recipes for meatloaf.  The outcome is always the same; a lot of ingredients and a lot of mush.  I have always been baffled by this; never understanding why I can't seem to successfully tackle this dish.  The odd thing is I don't understand why I am so fascinated by it.  I didn't like it as a child.  I don't particularly care for its name.  I really don't like the sound effects when mixing with bare hands.  We don't have a secret family recipe that has been passed down from one generation to the next.  It's weird!  It is like I have some list of recipes that I must conquer in order to consider myself a good cook.  

Well, let me just tell you!  I tackled that meatloaf like a BOSS!  Did I use that terminology correctly?  Imagine me saying it with a snap, snap, snap of my fingers and then spinning on my heels  :)  I was so good at it, my son had three helpings!  Just to be fair, it was my son who loves all things homemade but still - it counts!  I actually think I would make it again!  

I did not take pictures because lets face it, unless you are Annie Leibovitz a picture of meatloaf cannot be appetizing.  So, you will just have to trust me that it was good.  

The recipe was the Italian Meatloaf by the Pioneer Woman.  Big shocker!  Seriously, I think I have memorized two of her cookbooks.  I keep them right under my Bible... Okay, not really but both books are within an arm's reach in my kitchen.  Do not be surprised either, this meatloaf was covered in pancetta!  YUM!

Okay, well I just wanted to share in my little victory.  :)  

Happy Meatloaf Making!

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