Friday, February 3, 2017

The Gate and a Few Other Tidbits

Well, it has been 1 week since we moved to "the country".  We are about 25 miles and roughly 30 minutes outside of town.  However, there are a couple of smaller towns that we are closer to.  Either way you look at, we are definitely not in the city.  As many of you know, our first week has been consumed with the transition (or lack thereof) of our dogs.  They are having a VERY difficult and stressful time trying to adjust to our new home, land, territory, whatever you want to call it.  After multiple and very violent fights between our three dogs, the new protocol is muzzles and kennels.  It is definitely not what we want for them, but it is the only way we can keep everyone safe and allow the injured dog to heal.  We are praying this works out.  Our family would be devastated it we had to get rid of one or more. Now in other news, we have had a few new things to get used to.  The main one being the gate.  It is actually quite comical because this gate has been involved in most conversations this week.  We have a large gate leading into the property.  The previous owner used a heavy duty pad lock to secure the gate when he wasn't home.  Since that was his method, we just continued because well...we have been too busy wrestling dogs to question something as "simple" as the gate.  Here are a few tidbits about this gate of ours. 1.  Everyone that comes over has an opinion about the gate.  Such as, but not limited to:
  • Why are y'all using a pad lock?
  • I can't believe you are actually locking your gate?
  • Why don't you just dummy lock it....(ummmm, that was new vocabulary for me)
  • You should get hooks....(ummmm, hooks....puzzled look comes across my face)
2.  All technicians and service people who have been out this week seem to understand the rules of the gate.  They pull up to the gate, get out, undo the "dummy lock", pull through, get out, re-do the dummy lock, proceed onto property.  Then repeat as they  leave.  This gate gives one lots of exercise getting in and out of the vehicle.

I should restate that...all technicians and service people but one...  The Direct TV guy must not service this area because he pulled up to the gate and stared at it.  Then he got out and the second I saw his shorts long enough to touch his ankles, yet belted under his butt, it was quite clear he was not use to "the country". 

Our Internet technician was actually dressed in camo....

3.  The kids and I seem to have a gate deficiency when trying to enter or exit the property.  The main problem is that my gate keys are on my normal key ring.  I really need to put them on a different ring but I am too afraid to loose the darn things.  So, this means I have to drive to the gate, TURN THE CAR OFF, get out, walk up to the gate, wrestle with the ridiculous pad lock, then walk back to the car, get in, turn it back on and then pull forward....

Did you notice what I missed?

Re-read and see if you can find the very crucial step that I keep forgetting.

The kids have to patiently remind me.

"Mom, you have to open the gate..."

Ugh!  Right!  Open the gate, pull through the gate, get of the car, walk back to the gate, CLOSE the gate, walk back to the car, get in the car, situate all my clothes for the 10th time, turn the car on, all while trying to look cool, collected, and country-fied!

So, my goal for the weekend is to find a really large key chain, one that cannot be misplaced.  I am going to put the gate keys on the huge key chain, leave them in my car, and have the kids run the gate.  It's obvious they have a better handle on it.

And finally, a few other tidbits after our first week.
1.  I thought I would cry with happiness when I saw the UPS truck drive down our road!!!  My friends!
2.  Knocking daddy long legs down off the ceiling has been added to my list of evening duties.
3.  I learned what a bait box was and what it holds.
4.  I am learning how to take care of the three chickens that were left by the previous owner.  Poor chickens, I am sure they pretty much hate their lives right now.
5.  I freaked out when my interent wouldn't open after the 3 hour installation.  I ran out the door flagging the technician down.  He asked what the problem was, so I showed him.  My voice was panicked when I explained to him that the Internet was not opening on my phone.  He looked at my phone for what seemed like forever and handed it over when Google appeared.  Charlie looked at me and said, "Hun, it was like 10 seconds...." 
6.  I will end with the best one.  I have never seen a more beautiful sunrise or sunset.  God's beauty and grace right out our door.
No filter!!!

That is all for now.  I have to go make sure the gate is closed. :)

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