Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to the Country...Consider Us Initiated

Oh my word!  Our weekend.... I'm not even sure where I should begin.  We knew it was going to be a hectic weekend.  Charlie works Saturday's so we really do not like having plans other than church on Sunday.  But this Sunday was filled with kid commitments.  It actually started Saturday night with our youngest son's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet, then Sunday morning for Scout Sunday, followed by a long meeting for our oldest now that he is quarter master for his patrol in his Boy Scout troop.  As a parent, you are excited for you kiddos and support them in their activities.  But as an adult who wants a break, you silently morn the loss of your lazy weekend.  :) Our Saturday morning started pretty much like every other morning since we have on the porch.  It is truly wonderful. Before I go any farther, I should mention that when I took my shower just moments before our coffee, I mentioned to Charlie how low our water pressure seemed.  We knew they had been working on a water problem earlier in the week, so we just assumed this may be another set back.  I told him I would call the water company when he left for work.  We quickly jumped back into our routine of coffee, the porch, and watching the sunrise, when suddenly we were interrupted by the most awful sound of an alarm.  We both bolted out of our chairs, not sure where the alarm was coming from.  Then we noticed to the right of our property the light on top of our septic system was glowing bright red.  Yep...that was also the source of the alarm.  Let me tell you, that sound accompanied with that red light...not something you ever want to hear.  My stomach immediately started to flip (my stomach is always sensitive to stress or the is not funny...but is...but is so not!).  Anyway, it was as if the sound of the alarm and the color of the light sent my tummy right into panic mode.  Within the next few minutes we silenced the alarm and had the septic company on the phone.  Charlie and the gentleman on the phone started to troubleshoot.  Unfortunately they weren't able to fix anything without being there in person.  It was at this moment that Charlie looked at me and very seriously said, "Only flush the toilets in an emergency..." I am standing there with a stunned look on my face, thinking, "You mean the whole day!" Oh was so confused...  I tried to ignore my tummy.  I tried to convince myself that it was just a knee jerk reaction.  The same as when you have to stand still but instantly you have an itch on your nose. From here, Charlie had to leave for work, mentioning that he would call often to check the status of the red light, if the alarm re-triggered, and the lack of water pressure.  I had myself pumped that this would be okay.  After all, we are from Corpus Christi...we are very equipped to have water issues (that part may only make sense if you are aware of our unfortunate city water issues).  The rest of the day carried out as normal.  The kids and I did a good job of NOT flushing the toilets.  One of my children was absolutely, beyond excited to have full permission to pee (sorry) outdoors - he was literally giddy (insert boy mom eye roll).  We went to the Blue and Gold banquet that evening and then drove back out to our wonderful little peace of the country.  When we went to bed I mentioned that the water pressure seemed even lower... By morning, the water pressure was basically a trickle.  Ugh!!!  We had church and not our church.  We were asked to attend the church of our Cub Scout pack for Scout Sunday.  I was already a bit nervous because, lets face it, unfamiliar churches are a bit intimidating.  I know they shouldn't be and that should not be my focus when I am at church, but...  Now we were going to a church we weren't familiar with and we weren't even going to be clean, showered people!  As we were getting ready, Charlie sprang into full water emergency mode (remember, from Corpus).  With our slight trickle, he began filling the tanks in one of the three toilets.  Because we had all forgotten our no flush rule, the toilets were all flushed first thing in the morning.  It took him 10 trips outside, to the spickett (it had the best flow), filling up a 1/2 gallon pitcher, back inside, through the house to the bathroom, to the tank on the toilet.  10 TIMES FOR 1 FLUSH!!!  I don't think I have to tell you, but there went my stomach.  Complete panic.  I looked at my husband on trip number nine, and with a sheepish smile said, "Ummmm, tummy doesn't feel too good."  And in that moment, he said one of the sweetest most romantic things, "Okay, you can take this tank and I will wait to re-fill for myself."  In that very moment I fell in love with him a thousand times over.  It truly is the little things, like taking 10 trips to fill the tank with the intentions of the flush being for you only to give the flush to your spouse.  :) :) Thankfully, my tummy had performance anxiety and there was nothing to worry about.  Hehehe....false alarm.  Sorry, my sense of TMI (too much info) has pretty much gone out the window. Fast forward, we packed everything we would need to take showers at our parents' while we were in town.  We made it to the church service which was lovely and everyone was super friendly.  Also, the church bathroom had amazing water pressure!  I've never enjoyed washing my hands as much as I did in that moment.  After church we went out to lunch.  We had taken separate cars into to town, because we knew we would eventually be going in two different directions.  Charlie and our oldest took off in his truck for errands and the meeting, while myself and the other two kiddos left in my car for our own errands and then showers at my parents'.  Once we finished with our showers we headed back out of town.  When we got home we were thrilled to turn on the sink and have full pressure back!!!  I called Charlie and told him not to worry about showering in town and to get home!!! So...the water was fixed but the septic was still on the fritz.  But hey, I will take washing hands over flushing the toilet any day.  At 7pm we noticed someone at our gate.  It was the septic company ready to take a look-see at our little issue.  I was shocked that we actually had people out on a Sunday evening at 7pm.  They realized that the brand new sump pump had burned up, went to the shop to pick up a new pump, came back out and began replacing everything (at no cost).  Now, just when things were starting to turn around, we were told one more time to absolutely NOT flush the toilets.  You know what happened next... Our youngest got hit with a stomach lie!!!!  After about two hours of the bug we were finally able to flush all toilets.  She proceeded to be sick until about midnight but at least the last couple of hours our plumbing was working at top notch speed.  So there you have it...that was our weekend.  At one point my dad chuckled and asked, "So, why did you move to the country?"  My response, "For the sunsets!" I am concluding that this was our little initiation.  We made it through without water, septic, and a stomach bug.

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