Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Card Outtakes!

Every year, I have the intentions of a nice, formal, respectable family Christmas portrait.... This has not happened, yet. :) Every year I have the dream... Every year I think of coordinating outfits... Every year I panic December is quickly approaching... Every year I fall in love with our impromptu photo shoots... On the spur of the moment, I will decide that everyone needs to get dressed and take pictures for Mommy.  I use bribes, candy, money, video games, whatever it takes! :)  The kids giggle, argue, push, hug, shove, give kisses ( I think those are kisses).  We laugh, I sweat, they always pick their noses, and want pictures of their "booties" (as adorable as they are).  I always worry that even though I take approximately 200 pictures (198 to be exact for this year) I will not find one that is card worthy.  Honestly, it the outtakes I love the most.  Here are some of my favorites.
(Christmas music was playing in the background)

(This is our new puppy "Lucy".  She did not want to cooperate. :) )

(Not sure what is happening here)

(The party is getting a bit wild!)

(Strike a pose!)

Now I get to spend a ridiculous amount of time in Photo Shop.  :)

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