Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1st Grade Suffix Practice - Halloween Style

My six year old son is currently learning different suffixes and the rules for applying a suffix to a root word.  These are the rules we are currently working on. 1.  If the root word has a short vowel sound and ends with a consonant, double the consonant and add the suffix. 2.  If the root word has a long vowel sound followed by a consonant and ending with a silent vowel, drop the silent vowel and add the suffix. Since Halloween is this Friday, I thought it would be fun to have a suffix review with a little bit of a Halloween theme.  This isn't anything overly creative but I think he will really enjoy it. Each card works with a certain suffix.  Looking at the card, the left side contains words that have to do with rule #1.  The right side of the cards uses words that pertain to rule #2.  The bats are really just for fun and matching to each card.  He will have to re-write each word with the correct suffix.

The stickers are for marking each correct word after he is finished.  My kids love marking their work with stickers, stamps, markers, etc.

Like I said, it isn't anything overly creative but sometimes getting out of the book, using colorful cards, and fun stickers makes the morning more enjoyable.  

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