Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Field Trip : NASA

One of the many perks to homeschooling our kids are the awesome opportunities we have for field trips.  Recently, our family of five took an unforgettable field trip to NASA.  We decided to go during the annual NASA Homeschooling Day.  

It. Was. Aweswome!!!

We were definitely given the star treatment.  First, all homeschooling families were given a huge discount on tickets (over 50% per person).  We had free reign of the space center from 10am-5pm with multiple workshops for kids plus additional workshops for parents.  We also had free parking - FREEEEE PARKING!!!!!  It is the little things that make me happy.  Free parking makes me feel like I might as well be arriving on the red carpet.  :)  There was so much to do we did not get to all of it which means we will just have to go back another year. :)

One of the most exciting parts of the day was getting to take the tram tour of Johnson Space Center.  We actually got to go into Mission Control.  We sat in the actual mission control room for Apollo 13.  It has been left just as it was so many years ago.  It was such an emotional space, such an amazing experience.

Not only was the venue amazing and beyond educational but it was one of those days where the stars seem to align (get it...). :)  Everyone in our family enjoyed the trip.  We seemed to hang on each moment we had together - nobody threw fits, cried, got sick, or any other issue that may often arise on family trips.  It was a perfect day!

We took so many pictures.  It was hard to narrow it down as to which ones I wanted to share.  Here are a few or twenty of my favorites. :)

It is mind blowing how big everything is in person.

Our oldest was beyond excited.  This was pretty much the expression on his face all day long.

Replica of the International Space Station

Learning about the space station

Okay, this creeped me out a bit.  This is how astronauts sleep while in space...

It was very interesting to read about the various space suits used over the past several decades.

The gray dirt on the boots is actual moon dust!!!

Rover Races

Hula hooping - This really did not have to do with space but she is always ready to hula hoop and dance to loud music.  :)  It also made for some super tiny hiney hip action that made me smile!

Angry Birds Space...Need I say more?

Controlling moon rovers

About to enter the space simulator.  

You could watch what was happening in the simulator on a monitor.  This was mid role as you can see my the straps on the harness.

"Curiosity" - Mars Rover

More moon dust.  I love how this picture turned out.

We had the best picnic lunch on the grounds of NASA.  I thought I could get a decent picture of the kids...  So I thought...

Two out of the three look great. :)


Well now one looks like something smells bad...sigh...

I think I took about 30 different shots... oh, well

It is so nice that out oldest can take our picture, now.

Apollo 13 Mission Control - left just how it was during that mission.  The emotions in this room were overwhelming.  We sat in the very chairs of the Apollo 13 crew's family members as they watched if their loved ones would return.

Just one of the many boosters that took Saturn V into space in order to launch Apollo 13.

The rocket "Mercury" in Rocket Park

This gave the kids the feeling of what position the astronauts sit in during a launch.

So many more pictures, I could have done 4 posts on NASA.  We will definitely go back!!!!

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