Thursday, January 22, 2015

He Knows the Way to My Heart

It never fails, when I am tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain moody, he knows the way to my heart.  My husband is the calm one in our house.  He is always level headed, never rushing around in a frantic state, always relaxed...and so am I am - NOT!  I often refer to him as my blankie or bee-bee (what my son called his blanket as a toddler).  He is my comfort zone. This week has been rough.  Just to touch on a few of the highlights. He has been working crazy hours as his family prepares to open the new location of their meat market ( in about 14 hours).  When my blankie is gone I get cranky! Our fifteen year old, diabetic cat had a serious episode Sunday night which landed us at the emergency vet - ugh.  This led to two days of her staying at our vet's office while her medical bills went up, up, up.  This is about the 5th time we have prepared ourselves and the kids that we may have to put her to sleep.  Once she gets to the vet she perks up and returns to her fat and crabby self.  Again and again we bring her home.  We love her but seriously, how many lives does this cat have?! My daughter ran a fever of 104.2 and was diagnosed with Flu A, despite having the shot.  Stupid flu! Stupid flu shot!!!  She is doing much better - enough to have talked non stop today... non. stop. Our backyard was professionally landscaped and finished yesterday.  We love how it turned out.  However, it was a bit tricky to homeschool while dealing with the noise of tractors, dump trucks, etc. We have been without meat all week!  This is probably my real issue.  Let me explain, my husband is a third generation butcher, we live in Texas, we grill out year round, we do not understand having dinner without meat!  The family meat market has been closed this week while they transitioned into the new location.  My husband told the kids and I not to expect any meat this week.  We just starred at him, jaws on the ground, dazed...confused.  I managed to get my hands on a package of bacon.  I am cooking it right now.  The sound and smell seems to be coming from Heaven.  I am sorry to offend (those who do not eat meat), but I do not understand life without meat. Now, the real reason I am writing this post.  The kids and I had a very long day.  My daughter is getting over the flu, it has been rainy and we are just plain sick of each other (all of us).   I decided to turn the mood around and cook breakfast for dinner...this requires meat. B.A.C.O.N.  Bacon always puts my family in a good mood.  We drove over to the market as soon as we found out meat was available (pathetic, I know).  The kids ran in to grab the bacon and I stayed in the car.  This was a weird feeling for I have never done that before.  But sense they aren't officially open I felt more comfortable letting the kids run in.  Plus (and most likely the real reason) I was wearing old, worn out yoga pants.  You know, the type that when you put them on you better be going through a drive thru and pray that you will not get a flat tire.  Yep, I was looking HOT, so I decided to spare everyone and stay in the car.  My blankie, my hero, my main squeeze could see the look on my face (from the window)- showing exactly how our day went.  At that moment he brought me the most wonderful thing.... A BAG OF CRUSHED ICE AND A COKE!  HALLELUJAH - I LOVE THIS MAN!!! Do I have to say anything else?  A bag of crushed ice, coke, and bacon = happiness! It is the little things in a marriage that make it wonderful.  The small things show the biggest acts of love.  It shows that you truly "get" one another, that you are on the same team. He knows my heart so well.  :)

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