Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Keep Things Real

Happy 2015 to everyone!  Isn't it crazy that we are now in the year of Back to the Future 2?  The movie made the year seem so futuristic.  I think this is going to be a great year.  I am usually not a gushy, warm-fuzzy, overly optimistic type person but this year I just feel it in my bones.  Now my realistic (sometimes pessimistic) side is reminding me that it is only January 5th and to give it some time.  I am trying to tune out my Negative Nellie and just enjoy the optimism I am currently feeling. I have several personal goals for this year but as far as my blog goes, my main goal is to keep things real.  It is true, those of us who blog (for the most part) only post the fantastic, smiling kids, awesome craft, life changing moments.  When you read blogs as much as I do it is so easy to forget that other bloggers do the same thing.  The same is true for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  What was the last picture you posted?  Was it a great holiday, family moment?  Or was it a small video of your child throwing a huge temper tantrum in the middle of Target?  My bet goes to the first option.  We all do it - we highlight the great moments.  BUT as weary, tired moms sometimes it is really nice to hear about another mom's not-so great moment.  It reminds us that we are not the only ones that don't always have it all together. About a month ago, I was having one of those not so great days.  I caught myself spending way too much time on Facebook and wondering why my life didn't look as rosie as everyone else's.  Have you done this?  The same is true for Pinterest.  It is the best place to get ideas but it can also make you feel like you are the least creative person, worst cook, and own an outdated and boring house.  My dear, dear friend reminded me that social media is fake and to keep things in perspective.  She even joked and called Facebook, "Fakebook". Our conversation really stuck with me and it made me wonder if my blog appears fake.  The last thing I want to do is make other's feel like I have it all together and they don't.  When I started the blog I was told that people really don't want to read about the "icky" moments of motherhood and life.  I should really stick to writing about the super positive and overly cute moments.  Now, that I have managed my little blog for almost two years, I think I can mix both worlds.  Yes, you better believe I will post those great days and awesome homeschool ideas or activities.  However, I also want to post about other moments - the moments that happen all the time.  The way I look at it, if someone doesn't like what I am writing they don't have to continue reading. I want my blog to be a place of comfort for the women I love.  One of my most favorite ways to spend my time (without children) is at Bible study.  Okay, see that statement sounds so goodie-goodie (insert eye-roll).  But let me explain myself.  I do enjoy learning and studying the Bible but I really enjoy the fellowship with the other women.  This is the time we check-in on one another, share stories, offer encouragement and much needed wisdom.  That is the tone and mood I want for my blog.  It means so much to me that anyone would take the time to read what I write.  If you are taking that time out of your schedule then I want it to be a place of comfort (even better a place of comfort with a cup of coffee). :) I wish everyone a wonderful 2015.  Now I have the urge to watch Back to the Future 2 to compare what is correct for 2015 and what is still way out there and futuristic.  But that will have to be for another day, in exactly 4 minutes we have to begin our homeschooling lessons (after three weeks off).  Please. Pray. for. My. Sanity......:)

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