Monday, September 14, 2015

Blue Jeans and Tres Leches Cake

Friends, I had quite the issue yesterday... It is something that is quite hard to talk about... Something so dreaded I would rather scrub toilets or mow the yard. I HAD TO GO SHOPPING FOR NEW JEANS AND IT WAS AWFUL! First off let me just say, that even though I am not happy with my current weight or figure I am also not at the point of dieting and exercising like a crazy person to drop 2.4 pounds.  Because lets face it, my metabolism hates me and my genes are large German people genes.  Seriously, when I turned 35 - BOOM! - the metabolism hit the floor.  As far as genetics, well that is why I married a large German man who loves his curvy German girl.  My point is, I will eventually get my derriere back to running, jogging, maybe just walking but for now I love me some Pioneer Woman and I caved to just buying new jeans instead of doing organ damage with my old jeans. However, the actual act of buying those jeans almost caused a scene worthy of being on the news.  I have always done well with jeans from Gap.  Well, apparently they have changed their idea of how a woman is shaped or maybe my shape has changed.  I am going to go with the first because to place the blame makes me feel better at the moment.  SERIOUSLY, it was offensive - they didn't even have two digit sizes out on the shelves.  Everything I held up would fit my five year old.  I tried on two pairs (or at least I tried them on up to my knees) and then left the store with my head down and tail tucked in.  I headed two doors down to Old Navy.  Their selection was better and I do love that they actually have a "curvy" style but it was a complete mess.  All of the styles, lengths, and sizes were mixed up and thrown everywhere.  I found a pair in my size, style, and length and felt I should exclaim to the entire store that it can, in fact, be accomplished.  After trying them on, I decided to purchase them just in case that was as good as it was going to get. Still frustrated I headed to the mall and called a dear friend of mine.  Just mentioning the phrase, "trying on jeans" almost brought her to tears.  We shared stories of frustration and she gave me some ideas to try different stores.  I finally found a pair, however, it did not have a price tag.  When I came out of the dressing room, I asked the overly eager sales person for the price.  She stated in a perky tone, $98.00.  What?!  She seemed confused by the look on my face.  I think I may have made a disgruntled snort along with some type of monkey motion of disgust.  I figured that between her perkiness and confusion with my body language she must still live at home and her parents obviously still pay for her clothes.  I left. I took my one pair of Old Navy jeans home and tried them on to get my big German man's opinion.  He assured me they (I) looked great but I only replied with grunts and moans and eye rolling.  Blah! So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and do something that I knew would be successful.  I made my first Tres Leches (three milk) cake.  It was a-mazing and it made me do a happy dance!!!!  It came out so pretty and super yummy. I know it doesn't help my blue jean situation but that is why I love my leggings!

Duh! Oh!  Plus, my big German man loved my big Mexican cake!!! :)

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