Monday, July 25, 2016

First Day of School

We did it!!! We made it through our first day of school.  I wasn't really sure how it would go since we came off of a huge weekend.  The kids were involved in the City Championship Swim Meet which lasted about 8 hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  I was concerned that they would be crabby and tired this morning.  To my surprise and answer to my prayers, everyone was excited and ready to work. We had a wonderful breakfast provided by my mamasita!  I am pretty sure she just rolled her eyes after reading that sentence.  :)  Then we ate the wonderful breakfast leftovers for lunch.  I had plans for the leftover, leftovers; however, apparently our Great Dane had something similar in mind.  Lauren came downstairs to find Dixie on the table (WHAT?!!!) eating the rest of the mini muffins.  That dog is a ninja - no lie!  She is super stealthy, her nose can open anything, and she has zero shame.  We NEVER hear her!!! After breakfast, I took a few pictures of the kids and we got right to work.  It was a relatively smooth day.  The only hiccup we had was the teacher...couldn't seem to get the headphones to work during Spanish.  So, everyone got to hear the Spanish lesson three times because each child wanted a turn with the computer.  "Yo soy una nina."  Are you impressed? :)

We'll see how tomorrow goes.  Usually our first week is smooth.  It is the second week when everyone remembers this will continue until next May...

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