Tuesday, July 19, 2016

5th Annual Summer Sleepover at Ma's

Over the weekend, the kids spent two nights with my mom while my husband and I made a quick get-a-way...I mean a weekend away. :) They have been planning their weekend for quite awhile.  This is their annual summer tradition with my mom.  The past couple of years have had a theme.  This year's theme was Jedi Training Camp, since all three of my kids are obsessed with Star Wars.  The look on her face when they picked the theme was priceless.  My mom isn't exactly a Star Wars fan.  She spent months researching, planning, and learning the language of Star Wars.  She told me she had over 97 pins on her Star Wars Pinterest Board. :)

The weekend included:
Making R2D2 trash cans
Decorating Holocrons
Setting up a training course in the backyard
Watching three Star Wars movies (kids' choice)
Performing obstacles and challenges of the Jedi Training Course
Water balloons and shaving cream slip-n-slide (that is an annual tradition regardless of theme)
Jedi Master graduation ceremony and certificate presentation

Like I said, she spent months researching. :)

Invitation packets received a week and a half prior which also included their Jedi Training Camp I.D. badges.

My mom made each of the kids their own training camp wardrobe complete with shirt, vest, belt, Padawan braid, light sabers, Holocrons, Thermal Detonators, and Star Wars beach towels. :)  Oh, and my daughter also had Princess Leia buns for her hair.

Making R2D2 trash cans

The weekend was also filled with Star Wars themed food.
Jabba the Pizza Hutt
Sith bread sticks
Star Wars cupcakes
Yoda Soda
Death Star donut pops
Princess Leia buns
Bantha Milk
Jawa Juice
Bow-Ba Fett Pasta
Hutt dogs
Trooper Scoopers 
Falcon Ship Dip
Vader Taters (with Wampa Dip, Chewbacon, Darth Cheddar)
Jabba jigglers
Obi-Wan Kabobies
Jedi Juice

Making Death Star Donut Pops

Visiting Admiral Ackbar's Snack Bar

Having fun outside

Navigating the laser field course.  Tiny bells were attached to the string to sound as an alarm if touched or bumped.

Not everyone took the same approach!!!

Trying to make it across the beam while attacking storm troopers (milk jugs on re-bar sticks) and making it to Darth Vader

Hopping across the stones without touching the lava while carrying Yoda

Free Hans Solo from the carbonite (ice)

Working as a team to get the Hans Solo figure out of the ice


Throwing thermal detonators through the target

Waiting his turn to navigate through the Black Hole 

Black Hole Maze of Boxes

Jedi Training Certificate Presentation

What was the lava pit quickly turned into the shaving cream slip and slide

Don't. Want. To. Know.

Visiting Yoda's Soda and Ice Cream Bar

While Jedi Training Camp was in full force, we enjoyed a weekend in Fredericksburg.

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Thank you Ma!!!!!

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