Monday, July 11, 2016

Wood and Pipe Kitchen Table

I am so excited to finally have this post up and running.  Charlie finished our kitchen table probably a month ago but I just haven't gotten around to taking the pictures.  Plus, there are zero ways to take pictures of my kitchen without the floor showing.  We have three kids, three dogs, and a kitchen floor that is not holding up the way we had hoped.  We installed the floor seven years ago and it is peeling, leaving white specks everywhere.  It looks the same when it is dirty and when it is clean.  The look isn't exactly what I would consider pristine.  So, this morning I decided WHO CARES!!!  If someone viewing these pictures is bothered by my floors then they can come clean them. :) So like I said, the table was finished about a month ago.  A new kitchen table is something we have wanted for years.  We have looked and looked but never quite found what we were going for.  I think during Season 2 of Fixer Upper, we noticed a wood and pipe table and fell in LOVE.  I have to say this was one of our fastest projects.  Trying to figure out the length of each galvanized pipe piece was the hardest part.  I cannot tell you how many trips we made between Home Depot and Lowe's returning and exchanging pipe. The table is roughly 7 feet long with a matching bench and then we added three chairs.  We figured some people would prefer to eat while sitting on chairs as opposed to a bench.  Not to mention, straddling a bench while in a skirt just to get to your seat is not the most graceful motion. :)  The chairs were a huge bonus.  I was telling a friend of mine about the bench and how we thought we wanted to add chairs.  She gifted us with four chairs she was no longer using so we gifted her with four steaks. :)  It is a beautiful friendship.  Two of the chairs are black and one is an antique cream.  I love the look because we have two boys and one girl.  The cream chair is super girly and the black chairs are more masculine.  The fourth  chair is also cream and we have it in a corner as an extra. So!!!! Her she is in all of her glory!!!!

We are really pleased with the way it came out.  As with most things, when you can make them at home you save so much money.  I think this table is going to be the center of many family memories to come.


  1. I am in LOVE!! The mixture of chairs reminds me of HouseSevenBlog. I have seen her mix up the chairs at their dining room table, and I think that look is divine.

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    1. Thank you!!! I have never visited that blog. Going to do it right now!!!!