Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's My Choice

It's my choice, happiness and joy or deceit, distrust, guilt, misery etc. Is life really that simple?  Can a person actually make a decision between happiness or misery? It can't possibly be that plain, black and white, simple... I am in the third week of an amazing Bible study by Joyce Meyer (Battlefield of the Mind).  I know this sounds dramatic but it has been life changing!  Seriously....life changing! I have always viewed myself as a planner (of every single detail), worrier (of every single detail), controller (of every little detail) to the point of anxiety, stress, and the list goes on.   I have an amazing life with so much to be thankful for but I always struggle with stress, guilt, the feeling that I am not doing enough, etc.  I have actually felt envious of those who seem to be happy all the time.  I have prayed to God that I would be happy and "carefree".  It seems like some people are just born that way?  Why do I have to fret over every little thing while they seem to go through life on a glittering cloud (with a smile on their face).   Now, I do feel some people come by it naturally, but I am learning that the rest of us can have that type of life, too. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Before this Bible study I would have never believed a statement like that, especially from my own thoughts.  I just always figured there were happy people and then there were stressed out people (moi).  I thought God had a reason for both kinds of people and one day I would figure out my reason. *Side Note:  Through this Bible study, I have also learned that reasoning and justifying gets me into more trouble and confusion than you can possible imagine.  Do I really need a reason and a justification or should I just trust God that He knows what He is doing?  :) "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"  Proverbs 23:7 The way I think (and I have the ability to control my own thoughts) is what I will do and become. Seriously???  Is that right, is it that simple? Y-E-S Thinking good, happy, and praiseworthy thoughts, always thanking God and meditating on his Word, and deciding to live the good life He intended for me to have can and will change my life. Something else to really consider, this will not only change my life but the life of my family.  What kind of legacy do I want to leave for my children and grandchildren.  How I act and respond to life is how my children will act and respond to life as adults.  Now that is a light bulb moment that gets my attention! I am making the choice! I know not every day is going to be easy.  But I know that I have the power to make the choice and above everything else, I know that God is on my side and has an amazing life just for me. If you haven't read Battlefield of the Mind, I highly recommend it. :)

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