Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Treasure for My Pocket

You may remember a recent post called Pockets of Joy.  In the post, I discussed how my husband and I whisper the word "pocket" to one another when we see our kids being extra kind, completing a goal, playing exceptionally well together, or any other moment we want to remember.  In a way, we are wrapping up that precious little moment and hiding it away in our "pocket" to pull out and remember on those "not so great days". Today, was definitely a pocket filling day.  I treasure pocket days because when you have three stubborn, head strong, and willful children it can be a long time coming before it happens again. We like to call our children "passionate" and let me tell you, they are "passionate" about e-v-e-r-y thing. :) This week has been filled with swim lessons.  Each child is in a different age group, so I get the pleasure of watching lessons for 2 1/2 hours in the summer heat of the south.  Let me rephrase that, I get to sit in the scorching heat while I sweat in really bad places all while keeping my eyes on three kids in three different parts of a very large pool.  It is relaxing, I look forward to it every year...really (at lease that is what I keep telling myself). Today, my youngest son got a large dose of panic when he stepped a little too far into the deep end.  Both boys were playing while their sister was in class.  I saw what was happening so I jumped into action.  It felt like I was a mile away from him.  While I was running towards him, my oldest son stayed calm, reached out his hand and coached his little brother (who is not so little) to the edge.  If you know my oldest son, you know that is God's hand in action.  The child (much like his mamma) doesn't have a calm bone in his body.  Big brother calmed little brother down and then explained to him how he should act if that happens again.  My mouth was on the floor.  Good job nine year old, I am glad you had your drowning brother under control!  I really couldn't believe it.  I was so proud of him.  POCKET!!! Later in the sessions of swim lessons, my daughter (the youngest) was very scared when her swim teacher asked her to jump into the 5 feet section.  Her teacher had her standing on the ledge ready to catch her but my daughter just couldn't seem to move her little feet.  I walked over to the ledge to gently coax her in when I noticed both brothers off to the side.  They had been playing with the other kids when they noticed the trouble she was having.  Both boys left their friends, swam over to where we were, and begin cheering her on.  It was the sweetest thing, two big brothers cheering on their little sister.  POCKET!!! At two different times, both boys cheered each other on as they swam the length of the pool.  They gave each other high fives and beamed at one another's success.  POCKET, POCKET, POCKET!!! As I sat and perspired, oh lets face it, I was sweat'in like a hog...I thanked God for today's moments.  I was exceptionally thankful that I was there to witness them first hand.  POCKET!

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