Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mommy...He's Breathing and It's Bothering Me!

Oh. My. Word... Today is one of "those" days.  You know, the days when your children are annoyed at the fact they have siblings to play with, nice toys, food to eat, a warm bed, and on and on.  I have such a hard time on these days.  It bothers me so much when they act like this.  Of course, I am an only child so I never understand why they get annoyed with one another.  To me, they should be grateful we gave them lifelong playmates! :)  Also, being that I am an adult, I understand how blessed we are to have the many great things God has given our family. I knew it was coming, a day like this, where even breathing bothers one another.  We have had far too many smooth and calm days in a row. We were due for a rough day.  My husband asked the other night, "What happened to our children, these can't be ours."  He was referring to how sweet they had been to one another.  Well I have news for him, I found our real children this morning at swim lessons! I invited Nana (my mother in law) to come and watch swim lessons.  The kids have been doing such a great job coaching and cheering one another on, I thought she would enjoy it.  Thankfully she has a good sense of humor and I learned years ago that my kids don't do the "dog and pony show" well.  It wasn't mediocre behavior, they were flat out horrible to one another, especially my boys.  Wow, splashing in the face, pulling on one another in the water, throwing goggles at the other, too many time outs to count.  I was beginning to wonder if tonight was a full moon.  I even had to do one of those mean mommy growls, where I grit my teeth and lower my voice as I sternly tell them to get out of the pool.  To make matters worse, I was wearing a sun dress (because I am tired of sweating to death in shorts or yoga pants) and could not bend over the edge of the pool to yank them out.  I think they realized this and took their sweet time getting out of the pool. Yep, these are the children I call mine... These are the three darlings God entrusted to my care.  Some days I sit and wonder why He has place so much trust in me...  Sometimes I even think maybe He got the wrong person... :) In all seriousness, I love these little monsters with all my heart.  I will try to hold on to those pockets of joy moments (here) from earlier in the week. Hopefully tomorrow we will redeem ourselves at swim lessons.  Of course, Nana won't be there to see it when they are behaving better and remembering that they actually love one another.
**Today, my blog reached over 30,000 page views!!!

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