Thursday, June 5, 2014

Three Great Father's Day Ideas

Last year the kids and I came up with three great Father's Day ideas.  My husband was blown away with the creativity and loved the gifts.  I thought I would keep today's post short and give you the links to last year's ideas. Idea #1 - Father's Day Questionnaire - This was so much fun.  I gave each child the questionnaire to fill out.  My husband adored their individual responses. Father's Day Free Printable  - Click the link to view the original post and FREE PRINTABLE!!! :)
Idea #2 - Father's Day Pictures - I dressed the kids up in some of my husband's clothes and then took a ton of pictures.  The pictures are absolutely priceless. Father's Day Pictures - Click the link to view the original post. Idea #3 - Father's Day Posters - Using the pictures in the above link, I covered large pieces of canvas to hang in our loft.  *If you go with this idea I would suggest using foam board instead of canvas.  The canvas has not held up well. Father's Day Pictures Part 2 - Click the link to view the original post. If you are searching for ideas I hope you find these helpful. :)

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