Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Home School: Science - Ramps (1st Grade)

Today I let the boys take over the science lesson.  Our youngest son was learning about ramps and I knew the perfect teacher for a lesson like this was his brother.  I gave them a few instructions and told them to "run with it".  I knew they would be much more creative with this assignment than boring old mom. :) This is what they came up with: Using books and scrap wood (from Daddy's scrape supply) they built a simple ramp.  Each of the boys ran to their rooms and dug out various toy cars. By increasing and decreasing the number of books, they discussed why the car sped up or slowed down. Then they decided to mark the length each car traveled with post-it notes.  On the post-its they wrote the number of books used with the ramp.  They wanted to see which had more of an effect on the distance (the weight of the car or the incline of the ramp).  Each car had a different color post it to keep everything organized. At the end, they measured the difference between each post-it. Wow!!! That was definitly more creative than what I would have done.
This was at the beginning before they started adding other cars and different color post-its.

Measuring the difference at the end.
If you are curious, our youngest son is wearing a king's robe.  That is just how our dress code rolls in home school. :)

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