Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Laundry Suggestions...Please, I am Begging You!

Okay you guys, I am in search of some serious, life changing, advice.  I have an out of control issue with two loads of laundry... my husband's meat coats a.k.a. meat frocks (the term frock makes me laugh except in this case it makes me cry) and beach towels. You are now probably grossed out by the sound of the term "meat coat" and annoyed that anyone would complain about beach towels. BUT you must try to understand that these two loads of laundry make me want to ball up in the corner, rocking back and forth while sucking my thumb and calling out for my mother.  I can't take it - these loads are never ending.  Let me say it again, NEVER. ENDING. As much as I love the pool (and realize how fortunate we are to have it) I cannot keep up with the towels.  I mean seriously, we have even resorted to the sniff test because the towel has been used and hung up to dry so many times.  Yet, I am no where near caught up on laundry because quite frankly clean underwear trumps clean beach towels every time.  The shorter people in my house have very high standards for clean drawers. :)  I don't get it!  We are not the only people who have a pool and all pools require towels.  How does a mother make it through the summer while allowing her kids to dry off?  And by summer I mean February through November due to the region where we live. Now I have already braced myself that I will not get many suggestions regarding the meat coats.  These coats have practically caused a nervous break down.  A couple of months ago my husband was super excited because he finally found meat frocks (coats) in his size.  They are long white button down coats (picture a very large doctor's coat) which butchers wear to keep their clothes from getting dirty.  He has always wanted them but had a hard time finding his size.  We purchased four of the coats and he works six days a week.  Right there the math is bad and I really just need to order two more coats.  But the number of coats is not the issue.  The issue is what is on the coats when they come home.  I cannot seem to get all of the stains out.  I think the reason is that I am dealing with so many different types of stains (meat, blood, grease, smoke from the smoke house, etc.)  Some stains require cold water others require hot or warm.  But all of the stains are on the same coat!  I looked up a stain removal guide on Pinterest and I think I check off 8 of the various stains listed on the guide.  However, all eight stains had a different removal process. Breathing...breathing...in 2,3,4, out 2,3,4...I can't find my brown paper bag for breathing because just looking at these coats makes me put my head between my knees!.... I have tried using a ridiculous amount of bleach in the water and directly on the coat.  I have tried adding Borax to the water and detergent.  I have tried every type of Oxi Clean and stain remover on the market.  My mother in law even suggested using a bathroom tile cleaner.  That stuff was seriously strong and I was more concerned about his skin peeling off.  But you know what, I tried it any way.  It worked to a point but still the coats did not look 100% clean.  Please give me your suggestions.  I. NEED. HELP!!!!! Okay, so on that note hopefully you will not think I have flown the coo-coo's nest and you will continue to read my little posts.  I am not crazy I am just up to my eye brows in beach towels and meat coats which makes me a tad cranky!  I realize there are far greater concerns in the world but FOR THE LOVE there has got to be a solution to these two types of laundry. Now, I look forward to hearing from you and any suggestions you may have (insert sweet eyes and an angelic smile).

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  1. Sorry if you get this twice. Hydrogen Peroxide helps with blood stains. The fresher the stain the greater the success. I would try Dawn dish soap for pre-treating the grease.

    Take a break from the stress. Assign the job to your children. Have them research stain removal as a school assignment. On their assigned week, they can try out their theories. It is great for research, applied science, and gratitude. Use the best ideas and incorporate them into the family.

    One of the best things I ever did with my children was to have them be responsible for their own laundry, after about age 10, by putting a laundry basket in each of their rooms. If they didn't have clean underwear the units of concern fell to them, not to me.

    My daughter decided that she didn't like the stains that white attracts. She had a a white hoodie sold by the Senior class. She went to the supplier of the hoodies and requested the same design for the hoodie in a darker color... purple.
    If the stain removal ideas don't work out, perhaps your husband could be a new trend setting guru of the meat departments nation wide. I am sure wives everywhere would rejoice.

    Good luck!!!

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