Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Paint and Floors

For the last four weeks the upstairs of our house has been a complete wreck.  We have been tackling the project of pulling out carpet and laying floors.  Not to mention, I have been cleaning out our homeschool classroom.  I can definitely say that was not a smart move (tackling both projects) at the same time. Last summer we pulled the carpet in our master bedroom and loft (now the classroom) and laid new flooring.  This time we pulled the carpet and laid the floor in each of the kids' rooms.  ALSO.... we allowed the kids to pick their own paint colors and re-paint their own walls. We have three kid bedrooms and each room had to be completely emptied in order to paint and remove the carpet.  The contents of each room were moved into the classroom which was also being cleaned out. Oh did I mention we have to walk through the classroom in order to get to our master bedroom.  There was no escaping the clutter, mess, and chaos.  BUT WE FINALLY FINISHED!!!!  The walls and floors are done and all that is left is decorating and the dreaded baseboards.  All of the trim in our house is white (which I love) but the new paint and floors showed how dingy the baseboards have become over the last 8 years.  We have moved everything back into the rooms but I really need to finish the baseboards.  Boo! Here are a few pictures of the process. Our oldest son LOVES the color green.  It has been "his color" since he was around two years old.  This shade of green literally looks like astroturf.  I will admit it was a bit scary at first (such a bold color) but the new floors (obviously not pictured) really helped.  We are decorating the room with navy and white bedding.  It took me awhile to convince him that since the walls were green he did not need to have green accents. :)

The next room on the list was our daughter's.  She chose a beautiful lavender shade of paint which she insists is called flounder (like the fish???).  The color has made her room just the sweetest little spot for a girl with two older brothers. 

The final room was our youngest son.  He was not happy about his room being last but it made the most sense with the flow and installation of the floors.  His choice of wall color was by far the brightest.  It is called Pool Party.  Again, just like his brother he felt he need blue sheets, blue bedding, blue decorations on the already blue walls.  What is it with these boys?  They are completely monochromatic!  It took a lot of convincing on my part, but he finally agreed to a grey and white striped comforter and I will probably add a few touches of red.

It was actually a lot of fun to let the kids pick their own colors.  I have a hard time picking paint and typically overanalyze 20 colors before picking one.  We went to Lowes and the kids picked their colors within a few minutes.  It was fun to be so carefree and stress-free about the colors.  For the boys, I figured this may be the only time they get to pick the wall color of their rooms.  One day when they are married they will have to go with their wife's style. :)  

Whenever we have a project we try to take the time and teach it to the kids.  My husband is very patient with them on projects.  I am typically the one running around like a crazy person, anxious and nervous.  However, he takes the time to really teach them the correct skills they need for each project.  I feel pretty confident that my kids (ages 10, 7, and 5) could paint a room (the proper way) and install a locking floor system. :)  But I have also realized that trying to get good pictures while three kids have paint rollers in their hands is not the best idea. :)  

Hopefully we get the rooms 100% finished before school starts up at the end of July.  That is my goal...we shall see!

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