Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good Morning, High Five!!!

With a new school year fast approaching, I am ready to get our morning / bedtime routines back on track.  We have definitely gotten a bit lazy this summer.  Out of our three children, only one is a morning person.  He bounds out of bed with energy, a good mood, and loves to cuddle.  The other two... let's just say it is best not to make eye contact or speak to them before 9am.  However, because they have a hard time getting motivated in the morning I have to constantly stay on top of them to make sure they eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.

 Every year I try different routine lists.  I post them in the bathroom, at the kitchen table, on bedroom doors, etc.  They work to a point but I still sound like a broken record, constantly nagging at the "other two".  I say that in the most loving way, of course. :)  I was excited to stumble across a fresh idea to the dreaded routine list.  Erin over at  Home with The Boys, put a refreshing spin on this much needed part of our morning and evening routine.  She calls the list, The High Five.  Her kids know what five things they need to accomplish before they can have free time.  Once, they have completed the five tasks they get to slap a hand print ( a real high five).  I approached my kids with this idea and they seemed amused at the thought of slapping the wall once their tasks are finished.  We still have a good six weeks before school starts which will allow me to work out the loopholes my children may come up with.  They are very creative... :).

This is what we came up with:

Brush Teeth
Eat Breakfast
Get Dressed
Make Bed

Clean up toys
Take Shower/Bath
Brush Teeth
Pick out clothes for next day

(I had each child give the bedroom door an official high five so we would know exactly where to tape the handprints.)

(This one belongs to our youngest son.  He is learning to read so I wrote A.M with a sun and P.M. with stars and a moon.  For our daughter I just did the sun and moon.  For our oldest child, I only wrote A.M. and P.M.)

I am going to put this plan into place tonight.  I will give it a few weeks and then give an update.


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