Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Yoga Pant or Not to Yoga Pant...?

To yoga pant or not to yoga pant?  This is a question that pops in my mind every morning.  I LOVE my yoga pants.  I probably own more pairs than one woman should admit, but they are so wonderful.  I can exercise in them, sleep in them, lounge in them (if I knew what lounging actually was), get groceries, make crafts, organize my house, the list is absolutely endless.  Most importantly, they make me feel loved when I am having a fat day! :)  They are so forgiving, never making my waistline feel as if it has expanded an inch or five. :)  They are my friend... Okay, that may be going a bit far but you have to admit you will love anything that makes you feel better on a fat day!

But here is my question, when are they really appropriate to wear in public?  I love What Not To Wear and I am pretty sure Clinton and Stacy would not approve unless I was physically in a gym.  However, there are just days I can't resist.  I think they actually call my name. :)  I can justify just about any reason to wear them.  For example, yesterday my kids had swim lessons in the morning and tae kwon do in the afternoon.  I knew I should probably put on a nice pair of shorts but...then again, I would just be sitting in the heat at swim lessons.  So, this is how I justified wearing them.  I told myself, "If I put on full make-up and a nice ponytail, add a dressier t-shirt (which is code for a vintage tee from Old Navy) then my yoga pants will be completely appropriate".  Can you believe I went through that entire process just for yoga pants?  Oh yes, and if I wear a pair that is not faded then I am really dressed up! :)

The downfall comes when I see other moms looking super cute and well accessorized.  Then I begin to feel like I didn't put much effort into my look.  A couple of weeks ago. I tried every morning to do complete hair and make-up (as opposed to the half make-up and ponytail look).  Let me tell ya, I looked good and felt great about myself but man was it a lot of work!  Plus, I was confused as to what I was suppose to be wearing when we were not out and about.  Was I suppose to keep the nice clothes on while I did my housework and cooked dinner?  Was I suppose to just change back into my yoga pants until we needed to leave the house again?  It was just too much!  I SHOULD HAVE JUST PUT THEM ON IN THE FIRST PLACE!  Hey, at least they are not "mom jeans"!  I know better than that.

 I would love to hear your view about yoga pants.  Do you always look nice when you are out of the house or do you let things slide?  Do you justify your yoga pants with good hair and make-up?  

**If anyone would like to nominate me for What Not to Wear I would be more than happy to go to New York for one week (by myself) and be forced to spend $5,000.  I promise I would not buy one pair of yoga pants! 


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  1. You are so funny! I would say that I dress up when there is a party or outing with friends, but if I ever leave the house for errands, etc, I am wearing some type of soft bottoms and no makeup. People can just get over it, lol. What I would like to point out is that the Liz I know has always been beautiful no matter what she is wearing. If it makes you feel better, then dress up a couple of times a week. But I would say that those moms that look perfect ALL the time are probably lacking in another department or maybe it is as simple as it helps them feel better too. Dressing up every so often will teach Lauren that it is great to take pride in yourself, but it doesn't have to consume you. You can leave the house without makeup and the world is not going to fall apart :) Love your posts and miss you!

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