Monday, December 30, 2013

Coffee Bar Update

It is unusually quiet in my house right now.  The kids are upstairs in the loft watching a movie.  It is really cold and rainy outside and I am enjoying my favorite sweater and a cup of coffee.  I need to remember this moment when life resumes to normal.  I am sure that will be in less than 15 minutes. :)

With my beautiful moment of peace and quiet, I decided to get on Pinterest.  I noticed I had 22 notifications!  What?  It has only been a few days since I have been on Pinterest.  I clicked on the drop down box and realized the 22 notifications were 22 new re-pins of our beloved coffee bar.  This sends the total to 522 re-pins!!! Now I realize in "blog land" that is not much but in my world that is A LOT of re-pins.  What a huge compliment!

It has become one of my favorite parts of the kitchen.  My husband and I use it constantly.  The kids also enjoy it for making hot chocolate or apple cider.  Since the original post (DIY Coffee Bar), I have added black wooden crates to the bottom shelf.  These have come in handy for storing my purse, tote bag, items that need to be returned to various stores, etc.  I love the coffee bar and I love that 522 people like it, too! :)

***While I was writing this post and enjoying the rain and my cup of coffee, I also enjoyed the company of our puppy, Lucy.  She is about 5 months old and has quite the personality. 

Such a sweet face...

Now, back to my cup of coffee.  Come to think of it, I should probably run upstairs and check on the kids.  It has been too quiet for way too long.... :)

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  1. I think you beautifully organized the coffee bar. You should get a write essays for me and get something written on it haha. Thanks for sharing its picture with us.

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