Thursday, February 6, 2014

Going to Washington with 45 Pairs of Underwear!!!

Our calm, mild, small family of five is traveling to Washington for Spring Break. Let me restate that... Our loud, crazy, and full of energy family of five is flying to Washington in less than a month!!!  We are beyond excited to see great friends and experience scenery and activities like never before.  The kids have limited flying experience and have never been to any state west of Texas.  This is going to be quite the adventure. We found an adorable resort (view here) with real tree houses and boat houses for extended stays.  The tree house was adorable but we went with the boat house for more size.  It is a renovated boat house that is now secured on piers.  When the tide comes in, the water flows under the house.  It is so cool! I have been buying and buying and buying winter gear.  Snow boots, fleece pants, long johns, hats, gloves, etc.  all which has to be packed for the plane.  We have never taken a family vacation that involved flying, we always drive.  This "little" detail has put a definite challenge on my pack list.  Also, the resort does not have a washer and dryer.  Not that I want to do laundry on vacation, but with a family of five it is pretty much a necessity. Here is why.... If I don't do laundry,  each person will need 4 prs. of jeans, 2 prs. of fleece pants, and 8 long sleeve shirts, as well as, other items for layering.  That is a total of 20 prs. of jeans, 10 prs. of fleece pants, and 40 long sleeve shirts!!!! If I don't do laundry, each person will need 9 prs. of socks plus 9 pairs of underwear.  That is a total of 45 prs. of socks (90 individual socks) and 45 prs. of underwear!!!! Is it just me or does this seems RIDICULOUS!  These numbers are outrageous!  Not to mention what kind of luggage is going to hold all this! If you are a seasoned traveler of large families and small children please send me your suggestions.  I am all ears!

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