Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ugh...Do We Have to Practice Spelling Words?

Ugh....spelling words, I remember the feeling of torture when I had to practice spelling words.  I believe I have passed that trait onto my son.  Lets face it, for most of us, memorizing spelling words is not fun.  I am learning that on the parent side it feels even worse.  I have used practice tests, stair writing, rainbow writing, flashcards, small white boards, and the list goes on.  I could tell my oldest son was getting burnt out on these ideas so today I decided to break out the play dough. All of my kids love play dough.  Over the years, I have learned to ignore the mess on the floor and just enjoy the fact that it keeps them happy and busy for an extended period of time.  I am sure using play dough for spelling words is not a new idea.  But today was the first day it popped into my head. I would call it a success!  I gave my son a plastic place mat, new container of play dough, toothpick (for writing) and a plastic cup for rolling.  He is having a great time!  It is also a great little workout for fine motor skills.

I love the look of focus on his face.

It also kept little sister busy. :)  We also practice her letters in the play dough.

Annoyed that I keep taking her picture...

Which only makes me want to take it more! :)

Note from Jacob:  He tried toothpicks, butter knife, and fork as writing utensils with the play dough.  He said the toothpick worked best. :)

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