Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random Thoughts About Traveling / Blog Milestone

One week from today we will (or should be) in Seattle, Washington, boarding a ferry and ending up at our quaint boathouse in Sequim.  Or, so I hope... Due to my over-anxious and over-analytical mind, I have been fretting, worrying, and.... over-analyzing the details of our trip.  Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed every minute of this new pass time.  I am sure that not many people care about my tiny little thoughts, but I know my family and close friends will get a kick out this post. :) 1.  Realizing that in the event our family has to take a taxi, we CANNOT all fit in a taxi.  This is worse than rides at a theme park.  When you have more that four it really becomes a problem. 2.  Telling the kids they can each take their own suitcase (which they loved) and then realizing we would have to pay for that many bags.  Negative, we will cram as much as we can into two large suitcases, all the while, weighing them at the meat market to make sure they do not exceed 50 lbs.  What?  Doesn't everyone take their luggage to their local butcher shop for pre-boarding weight? 3.  Is it too late to call my doctor and get "something really strong" prescribed for my anxiety? 4.  I keep replaying the scene from "Home Alone".  You know, they are running through the airport because they are late for their flight. 5.  Then I play the next scene when the mom feels like she has forgotten something. 6.  Followed by, "KEVIN!!!!"  This panic has been heightened after my daughter locked herself in the car yesterday without my knowledge.  Don't worry, she is fine and I am just 10 years older than I was 24 hours ago! 7.    Then there is the issue of the ferry.  We have to take a ferry while in Seattle.  I am really not sure if my kids get motion sick.  We have never had an issue in the car but I guess we will first find that out on the plane.  Ugh...I really hope vomit is not in any part of our trip.  It tends to have a domino goes and they all go. 8.  I am just sure that even though we have spent a small fortune on winter gear, Washington will have its first major heat wave in the state's history.  We will need the flip flops and shorts that we always have on in South Texas.  However, we will only have our long polyester layer, followed by our insulated layer, followed by puffy coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and rain/snow boots. 9.  The boat house we are staying in is so cute, it looks like a postcard.... IT DOESN'T HAVE A TV - I think you understand my panic on that one. 10.  My biggest fear - When we arrive in Seattle at 10:30pm (12:30am our time), with cranky kids, and a lot of luggage (hopefully) we will head out to pick up our rental car (extended cab truck).  While we wait, we notice a very small car headed our way.  The guy gets out and hands the keys to my husband.  Yes, that is right...there has been a mistake.  Our pick up truck is now a Pinto and we have to fit 3 kids, 2 adults, and countless pieces of luggage in something only clowns would fit in. And that is just how we roll.... *** My blog has reached a new milestone.  I am excited to say that it has received 20,000 page views.  Now I know that is not a lot for many bloggers but I am thrilled with the number.  Thank you to those who read my posts!!!

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