Monday, March 23, 2015

See, Sound, Blend, Write

I love it when I come across an activity or manipulative that covers many areas at once.  Even better, when I realize I already have that particular activity or manipulative in our classroom.  Years ago, my oldest son (then 2) received the See and Spell Game from Melissa and Doug.  With this game, the child can cover a wide variety of activities and everything is contained in a neat little box. I have used this game with all three of my kids, however, my daughter (now 5) seems to like it the most. Here are just a few ways this activity can be used: 1.  All of the letters are lowercase.  Use to introduce lowercase letters to your child.
2.  Discuss the sounds of each letter.
3.  Put a few letters in order, remove a letter, and then ask your child which letter is missing.
4.  Each picture card has a front and a back (twice the fun).  Discuss the pictures on the front and back.
5.  Discuss the beginning sound of each picture/word.
6.  Discuss the middle sounds or various blends for each picture/word.
7.  Discuss the ending sound of each picture/word.
8.  Find the letters and match to the letters in the picture/word.
9.  Say each letter then sound out the word.
10.  Re-write the word on a different sheet of paper or individual dry erase board

On this particular day, she was matching the letters, sounding out the word, then writing it on her own paper.

I am sure there are other activities you could do with this game.  I have thought of ten and in my book that makes this game a treasure in our classroom.  Also, this particular set of ours is 8 years old and it still looks great!

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