Monday, March 16, 2015

A Tiny Kitchen Addition from a Dear Friend

Last night on our way out of church, my dear, sweet friend stopped us and handed me a green gift bag.  It was such a fun surprise because it was completely out of the blue.  But that is how this friend of mine works.  She is the type of person who will leave a note of encouragement on my door, a favorite colored pen (just because we love those), pick up the cost of a cup of coffee, or send a sweet text because she knows I am having a rough day.  A couple of years ago, we met up at a park with our children.  She was talking about running to the grocery store but wasn't sure when she would fit it into her schedule.  I told her to leave her kids with me at the park and run to the store.  It was a beautiful day and my kids weren't ready to leave so it was a win-win for everyone.  When she came back to the park she shoved something in my purse and said, "That is for you and not to share with the kids."  I looked in my purse to find a Snickers bar.  How sweet!  You know when you are a mom, hiding in the pantry to eat the Snickers bar which was purchased just for you is about as much fun as you can stand. :)

Back to last night, I was so surprised and touched to receive a gift from my friend.  When I opened the gift bag two small, white, glass salt and pepper shakers appeared.  They are adorable!  She knows I love all things vintage, especially in the kitchen.  These little shakers are just the cutest thing and make me smile each time I look at them.  I love that they are old and not perfect.  I love that you can see the wear and tear of past years.  I love looking at them and wondering what house they came from or how excited the original owner must have been when she found them.  But most of all, I love that they came from my dear friend.

If you know me well, you know these could not be more perfect. :)

Thank you to my dear friend. :)

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