Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning and a Precious Moment

Last weekend, I found myself in a spring cleaning type of mood.  Now, I am not overly focused on keeping the house perfect at all times.  For the most part, it looks nice but it is also well lived in.  If someone is stopping by you will definitely catch me running around like a crazy person picking things up and vacuuming.  But on most days we have things that need to be put away, dog hair, and a ridiculous amount of tooth paste in the kids' bathroom sink.  If you have a solution to this toothpaste problem please let me know!  That stuff could be used as cement once it dries.. Since the mood struck to clean out I figured I had better jump on it.  I started with the closet in our master bedroom.  It has an amazing amount of space; almost the size of a very small bedroom.  Dreamy…right?  Nope.  We don't have any linen closets in our home and we live in Texas…no basements.  So, that huge master closet pretty much becomes the closet for everything:  decorations, keepsakes, bath towels, linens, shoes, my husband collection of all things male (weaponry), jewelry, sewing kits, oh yes it also contains clothes.  It is a nightmare to keep organized because there are so many different categories in one area.  I took a breath and jumped in armed with trash bags and my vacuum cleaner and went to town.  I did have a wonderful distraction, my cousins and I had a rather lengthy group text going back and forth.  That really helped to keep me moving and distracted from the mess I was making. The most exciting part was moving our dresser into the closet.  Now the closet feels more like a dressing room.  I have big plans for the empty area in our bedroom.  I really would like a reading are with cozy chairs, small table, and lamp.  The space is empty so we will see how long it takes for me to actually finish the area.  Remember, we completely overhauled our bedroom awhile back (see here and here) but we have never finished (or started) my reading area. After the closet was finished and we ate lunch, I moved onto my youngest son's bedroom.  This bedroom was originally our spare bedroom, then classroom, and now his room.  When we transitioned from classroom to his bedroom it just never seemed finished.  His closet was still filled with arts and crafts, our high school letterman jackets, and my wedding dress.  I was able to move all of the arts and crafts out of his closet but I really have no idea where I will put the rest of what I listed.  I cleaned out and rearranged his closet.  While I wa cleaning out I called all of the kids into the room.  His room still held the bookshelf from the old classroom.  I told the kids we needed to go through each and every children's book and decide to keep, toss, or donate.  I hate the feeling of throwing out books but some were in really bad shape.  I thought the kids were going to complain about this process but I was surprised at how much fun we had.  The books brought back so many memories and we had so many that we all agreed were family favorites.  We sat on the floor in his room surrounded by books while laughing and squealing and grabbing our favorites.  It was such a precious moment and it warmed my heart that they remembered so many of the books.  We moved the bookshelf into the classroom and organized the books we chose to keep.  His room looks so much better.  It still needs to be repainted and the carpet needs to be pulled out but overall it is an improvement. Now the hard part is getting myself motivated to clean out my daughter's room.  She does not throw anything out and has a serious attachment to even the smallest things.  Plus she has a major opinion and will definitely let me know if I make an error.  :)  Maybe I will do that on a day my husband is home.  He throws out E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!  They should make a great team…. :)

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