Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Little Hands

Lunchtime is my least favorite part of the day.  Why?  Everyone usually wants something different and I feel like a short order cook.  I usually don't sit down and spend the time running back and forth serving the kids.  Honestly, I prefer to wait until they are done so I can eat in peace!  Our youngest two have been begging me to allow them to make their own lunch.  Sigh....whine....procrastinate....(those are usually my responses).  I can't stand the thought of the mess.  It is not the I am a neat freak, I just don't want a bigger mess to clean up. A few weeks ago, our pastor reminded us to give our little ones bigger tasks.  He said it is important to give them big tasks (even if it does cause a mess or slows things down) to "grow them up".  This has really stuck with me.  We have three kids, 8yrs, 5yrs, 3yrs.  They always want to help and really get in the middle of things.  I typically (ok, always) want to just do it myself.  Hmmm, wonder where they get the "do it myself" attitude from?  My husband on the other hand, is really great at allowing the kids to help.  So between listening to my pastor and watching my husband's example, I decided I really should relax and let the kids do more for themselves. I finally gave into lunch.  Last week, I allowed all of the kids to make their own lunch.  I told myself to take deep breaths and just enjoy the moment.  I think I was fairly successful. :)  After getting over the initial shock (that I was finally allowing it), they jumped right in.  Was it messy? Yes.  Was it not they way I would have done it?  Yes.  Did they love it?  Absolutely.  I didn't take pictures that day because I had my hands very full.  So I decided to take some of today's lunch.  I must say, they are getting better. :)
taking his sandwich making very seriously

analyzing the amount of peanut butter


He always decides to separate the pieces and eat them one at a time.   I wonder if he will do this as an adult? :)

This took awhile. :)

Five minutes later... :)  

They are getting better.  I have really seen an improvement from last week.  It is the little things that make them feel so good about themselves.  One of these days I am going to have them make me lunch... many years from now. :)


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