Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pantry Rennovation Part 2

I finished!!!! Here are the pics of my organized and cleaned out pantry. If you remember, my goal was to re-do the pantry for $20 or less.  I was very excited to have a real excuse for going to the dollar store.
I purchased 12 baskets and two wire drawer organizers.

At our grocery store, I found an over the door organizer for $5.




(the best part...the floor space is empty)

over the door organizer

baking, spices, boxed goods

Overall, I am very pleased.  My grand total was $17.  I could still use one or two smaller baskets.  I will pick those up the next time I go to the dollar store.  I think when I need a mommy timeout, I will hide in the pantry!!!


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  1. My favorite part is that you chose all aqua and white organizers! :)

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