Friday, June 21, 2013

Dust Bowl!

Oh my, if you could only see the layer of dust floating through the air in my house.  My husband is sanding, de-glossing, and painting our kitchen cabinets.  In order to get the cabinets ready for the new paint we have had to endure endless sanding.  The dust is literally on everything.  My husband even has a thin layer of dust in his hair.  He looks like he is going gray! It is his afternoon off and he has three eager helpers at his side.  I, on the other hand, am trying to stay busy and forget about the dust.  I am by no means a neat freak BUT....I definitely have my limits and this is one of them.  My husband looked at me a few minutes ago and asked me if I needed to go somewhere else.  I think he could see the look of pure stress on my face and thought it would be best for everyone if I were not on the premises.  Oh well, in the end it will be worth it... at least that is my new mantra. :)
The kids were so excited to sand.  However, they thought they were going to use the electric sander...wrong Daddy handed each of them a brand new sparkling sheet of sand paper.  They played along for about 20 minutes which was 19 minutes longer than I expected.

Sitting inside the cabinet is one way to do it!

Little arms beginning to give out.

Just had to share the view of my living room.  It contains almost my entire kitchen!

I decided to come back after I published this post to show the final amount of dust.

Judging by the size, I think this footprint belongs to our oldest. :)

I will post more pictures when the project is finished.  For now, I am trying to find the positive in our dust bowl!  Oh and my daughter is running through the house amazed at the dusty footprints she is leaving behind.  I think I should probably just not look.


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