Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adorable K-Cup Storage

Earlier this summer, I posted about our DIY coffee bar.  It was a project that my husband and I put together.  We had kind of joked about having a coffee bar and now we have one!  We have enjoyed it so much.  I thought I would give a small update on our little coffee bar.  In the original post (view here), I had muffins in a small cake stand.  While they were extremely cute in their little home, they were also eaten as soon as the picture was taken. :)  We have since decided to use the cake stand to store our K-Cups.  It doesn't hold very many (I think about 8 cups), but it is so stink'in cute!  Take a look. :)

Not to sound like a complete nerd, but functional, cute, and organized makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)  Yes, I did just admit that!

I think the K-Cups actually look cuter than the muffins did.

Ahhhh, my coffee bar equals my happy place!


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