Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School Party at Ma's!!!

Last Friday, my mom held a party for the kids in honor of going back to school.  She planned and planned and planned for the grand event. :)  On the agenda, school-inspired crafts, sack lunches, "homework helper" goodie bags, and a surprise field trip.  I was told to drop the kids off at her house around 10:30am and she would bring them home at 2:30pm.  That's right....you guessed it, I was not invited!!! :)  I had four hours of "me time".  Woohoo, now that is a reason to celebrate going back to school! :) The kids received an invitation the week before.  My oldest son read the invitation aloud to the younger two.  As expected, everyone got really excited and wanted the party to begin that very moment.
Each child received their own invitation written in their favorite colors.

Homework Helper Goodie Bags
Mom's yummy apple shaped sugar cookies.

This was my favorite part.  The large bag in front was loaded with food, snacks, and fun items for the kids' lunch boxes.

Each child has a place set at the table.  It included apple sugar cookies ("You're One Smart Cookie"), fancy pencils ("You Are Sharp"), easels with name and grade, a globe, and a small container of M&M's.

Foam pencil boxes and bookmarks to decorate 

Working hard on their crafts

Eating sack lunches on the patio.  A field trip to McDonalds (for ice cream) followed lunch.

Such a great way to end the summer and head back to school!  Thank you Ma!!!


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