Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Keep Little Hands Organized and Busy

I love 31 bags...all of them...I haven't met one I didn't like!  So, I was super happy when I found a new "justification" for purchasing yet another piece.  I took the "Timeless Beauty Bag" and turned it into a traveling craft station for my three year old daughter.  She spends three hours a week watching her brothers at Tae Kwon Do.  My purse and bags are always overflowing with her crafts and anything to keep her entertained and busy.  I decided to call it her Busy Bag".  It turned out so cute and the best part is, it is so functional.  Take a look!
This is the front of the bag when it is closed.

The inside of the bag has so much room.  I was able to fit paper, crayons, several sticker sheets, a small note pad, map pencils, and lacing cards with laces.  

This pocket just kept expanding.  I was so surprised at how much stuff it held.

I love how the pencil tips are protected by a plastic flap.  Also, I still have one empty pocket.  When we went to Tae Kwon Do yesterday, I filled the empty pocket with some tiny princesses that she loves to play with.

All three of my kids love to play with the lacing cards, even my 8 (almost 9) year old.

Everything is pack away and organized.

I plan to switch out crafts to keep her from getting bored.  She loves the bag and also enjoys carrying it all my herself! :)

This gets an A++!  I think I need to buy another one... :)

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