Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birthday Dilemma

It is that time of year again...birthday season.  In the month of October and November, we have three grandparents and two children celebrating their birthdays.  It gets just a little crazy.  :)  This year we are trying to change the way we celebrate birthdays.  Why change?  Two reasons really: We are now a one income family and our priorities have shifted.  In the past, we have definitely been sucked into throwing the huge parties with friends, blow up bounce things, clowns, big cakes, etc. For weeks, I would stress about decorations, invitations, money, money, money, and about much will all of this cost?  In the last year, we have really tightened up our budget.  To be honest, I feel like we enjoy life more because we are not overwhelmed with keeping up with everyone else.  Like I said, we have re-prioritized and it is working great for my husband and I but the kids are still adjusting. BUT... with upcoming birthdays I begin to question everything.  I wish we had started our family with small birthday parties.  Our oldest son has had so many large parties, our middle son has had a few less, and our youngest...not a single blow out party.  All of her parties have been family only.  This is what I want to switch to - just family parties.  However, my oldest is not buying this new idea.  He wants what he has always had in the past. My cousins and some close friends have always had the "family only" rule for birthdays.  Their kids have amazing birthdays, I don't fill like they are missing out at all.  However, they have always had this rule, they are not trying to change mid stream. My husband strongly feels this is going be the year to make "the change".  I thought it would be great to let the kids plan their own day.  We, as a family, will follow their plan for the day.  The day will end with cake and ice cream and extended family.  To me it sounds great!  But to my kids, not so much.  They want their friends at Peter Piper  It makes me want to whip out the hand sanitizer just thinking about it. I am looking for suggestions.  Does anyone have any advice?  It is one thing when your family has always kept birthdays strictly in the family.  It is a whole other ball game when you are trying to change the mind-set of your almost 9 year old!

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