Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankfully Not Average, But a Leader with a New Outlook

We have had a big week.  One of those weeks were you can't seem to catch your breath and you feel like you are on a treadmill that won't turn off.  But during this crazy week, we have had a couple of really neat moments. As I have discussed before, our oldest son has a lot of obstacles in his life.  He was born with congenital heart disease and recently diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and General Anxiety.  As you can imagine, school is not the easiest task for him.  He has to really work (I mean work hard, so hard) to stay focused, not get stuck on the little things, keep himself calm, etc.  as he goes through his day as a big third grader. He never has been and never will be run of the mill "average".  And let me tell you, he is anything but average and we love that about him!  He doesn't love others in an "average" way.  He doesn't study and learn in an "average" way.  He doesn't have an "average" outlook on life.  He marches to the beat of his own drum and we are learning to praise God for it. Yesterday, I checked my email and noticed a new email from his teacher (whom we love and feel was lovingly chosen for him by God).  Now, any parent with a child who struggles knows the feeling when you see an email from a teacher.  You have been scarred by countless negative emails and cringe at the very sight of their name in your inbox.  Your stomach immediately gets in knots, your heart drops, and you say a prayer before you can even begin to open it.  The beginning of the email was pretty standard.  She was answering some questions that I had and clarifying some questions my son had.  Then I got to the end and this is what I found... "I have to brag on JC. Monday afternoon, when they had some writing to do off of the board, he was the first one to move his desk so he could see the board better. He’s such a leader!"

Now read it again and again and again.  Really allow it to soak in, don't be afraid to pinch yourself.  This is real, a heart felt compliment from his teacher.  She said he was a leader!!!  We have never heard those words from a teacher.  What an amazing feeling!  I will probably keep that email for the rest of my life.  He is a leader!

The other breaking news for our leading third grader...he got glasses!  He has been having a hard time copying work off the whiteboard.  The eye doctor confirmed that even though he has 20/20 eye sight, he has an astigmatism which will definitely effect things like copying from the board.  He was so proud of his glasses last night.  I must say he looks so adorable handsome.  :)  It was so cute to watch him do his homework while adjusting his new specs.  He kept mentioning what a difference they made.

In the midst of a crazy week, we are reminded that he is (thankfully) not average, but a leader with a new outlook!

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