Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just a Little Kitchen Updating

Most of our summer was consumed by updating the look of our kitchen.  The majority of our house has always been brown, dark wood tones, some maroon etc.  For whatever reason (I call it Pinterest) our taste has completely changed.  A year ago we painted our walls a beautiful gray (Taos Taupe by Benjamin Moore).  Slowly, we have moved through the downstairs of our house updating each area.  You have already seen some of our changes ShelvingCredenzaCoffee Bar, and Kitchen Curtains. Yesterday, I finally decided to take pictures of the finished kitchen.  It was a bit frustrating.  I could not get the lighting correct.  Having the kitchen lights on and using the flash definitely did not work.  However, using natural light wasn't quite right, either.  I decided to go with the natural light and edit the best I could in PhotoShop.  They are darker than I would like.  The kitchen is much brighter in person.  So, if you are a photo pro please do not judge the quality and lighting of these pictures. :)

Before:  brown, brown, brown

After: new, fresh, glass doors with white cabinets on top and black on bottom!!!!

Before:  Originally the walls were beige.  In this picture, the walls had already been painted.  The original floor was, you guessed it, brown tile.  We replaced the floor about four years ago.  There is nothing wrong with this look, it just lacked personality.

After:  Personality!!!  We added drawers pulls and cabinet knobs.  We also added a new light fixtures over the sink and in the center of the kitchen.

Here are a few more pictures of the completed look.

You can see the coffee bar on the side.  It has been a great addition to the kitchen.

The Kitchen Aid was my grandmother's.  I love every bit of it.  Did I mention it has magical powers?  Everything that is made in it is delicious!

And...a few pictures along the way. :)

I always sand from inside the cabinet! :)  I thought this was pretty smart, actually.

Cheap labor!

The sanding from the cabinets was almost more than I could handle.

Well, we made it through and love the outcome.  We may make one more cabinet glass...in the future.  I need to clean our cabinets before we do that. :)

Let's end the post with a current picture.  I can't possibly end looking at that mess!



  1. I am seriously SO impressed with all of your makeovers, projects, and updates. I wish I could rent you two to come help at my house!

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  2. Wow...never thought of two tone. I sanded bathroom cabinets several years ago and we put a clear stain to lighten- turned out rustic and beautiful. You have inspired me to start on the kitchen. Did you just paint your cabinets because I'm nervous about painting a color versus staining.

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