Wednesday, January 29, 2014

31 Organization for the Car

I loooove 31 products!!!  It just so happens that one of my dear friends is a super-duper 31 sales director.  She is fantastic at selling and making me fall in love with all of the products.  Here is my latest purchase, The Pack -N- Pull Caddy.  It is can be used for all types of organization.  

I have decided to use the caddy in my car.  Just like most moms, my car is a traveling house, classroom, dressing room, and sometimes kitchen.  Now that all three kiddos are in various activities, I feel like we live in the car.  It doesn't take long for the car to be a complete mess.  Last week, I found a pair of kid's dirty socks in the backseat - gross!  I always throw out trash and tidy up while pumping gas, which is usually when I find random articles, such as socks. :)  

The caddy will help keep my area nice and neat.  My "area" would be anything in the front seat territory. I do not like the kids venturing into my territory.  It is mine... not theirs!  They have the other 20 something feet to roam!  Insert smiley face :)... but seriously, I mean every word. :)

Back on track, I was very excited fill my caddy and put it to use.  I must say, I was shocked at how much stuff it holds.  I was able to load it with the following items:
  • hand sanitizer
  • bottle of water
  • full sized box of tissues
  • package of wipes
  • change of undergarments for the kids (yes, I still carry an extra pair... you just never know)
  • small paper and plastic bags (can be used for all sorts of things)
  • small zipper pouch for extra change
  • small zipper pouch for girlie products
  • baggie of bandages (I keep a larger first aid kit in a storage compartment but these will be much easier to access)
Take a look :)

There is still plenty of room for additional items.

The smaller compartment includes a slit for easy tissue access.

There are mesh exterior pockets on each side.

The back includes a heavy duty strap for attaching it to the back of a headrest.  I don't think I am going to do this, but it is a great option.

Everything is tucked away, nice and neat.

The caddy also comes in a taupe gingham fabric and solid black fabric.  I decided to go with this print called, Citrus Medallion.  I think it is fun and super girly.  

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