Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Hearts with Big Prayers

I mentioned at the beginning of the month, that our family was making a commitment to end each day in family prayer and Bible time (here).  After the first month, I can say it is going fairly well.  Some nights the kids are serious and focused and other nights are a bit harder to keep everyone on task.  However, the positives have far outweighed the "patience required" moments.  We decided to begin a family verse for 2014.  We chose the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), as we all need to be reminded of these qualities from time to time.  The original idea was to use the verse for the entire year, but the kiddos memorized it so fast we decided to add a new verse each month.  

In addition to reciting the verse, we hold hands and take turns praying.  The kids prayers have blown us away.  They are so small but some of their prayers have been so big.  At times, the prayers have made my husband and I glance up and wink at each other, stifling giggles under our breath.  At other times, the innocence of the their prayers have brought tears to our eyes.  Children have a way of making prayers seem so simple.

After reciting some of the prayers to my mom, she mentioned that I needed to start writing them down.  I loved her idea.  I thought it would be great to journal throughout the year, both prayers and family verses.  This will be a great reminder of their innocent and gentle hearts.  It may be something I use to reference on those days when I feel they are ganging up on me with a plan to take Mommy down! :)

I took a "Mom Needs A Break" trip to Wal-Mart last night.  I had a few random odds and ends that I needed to pick up.  Since I was by myself, I decided to peruse the office supply area.  I love office supplies. :)  I happened upon this adorable journal.  I normally would not have gravitated toward the fruit theme but I noticed the Bible verse on the front, Galatians 5:22, The Fruit of the Spirit.  Coincidence?  I think not! :)

I picture these pages filled with prayers from my children.  Hopefully one day, I will cuddle up with grandchildren and read prayers from their parents.  I am sure we will giggle and laugh and I know it will warm my heart.

Here are some examples of our recent prayers:

Alex (6 years old)
"Dear God,  Please be with me as I learn about money and all of the presidents who were shot and killed and now their heads are on the money.  I hope they made it to you safely.  Amen"
*This one definitely made us giggle.

Another great of Alex's
"Dear God, Please help Lauren as she learns her schoolwork, so she can go to school, graduate from college, and get a real job.  Amen"
*Apparently, he is concerned about her living at home the rest of her life. :)

Lauren (3 years old)
"Dear Jesus,  I love you Jesus because.....(long pause) well, because I love you Jesus. Amen"
*This was said in a very strong southern drawl - not sure where that came from.

Jacob (9 years old)
"Dear God, Thank you for our food, our day, and my nice warm bed.  Please help everyone who does not have a house or bed find a warm place to sleep.  Amen"
*Every night Jacob's prayers start with thanking God for our food and our day.  :)

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