Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Science Has Overtaken My Kitchen

Can you tell my oldest son loves science? :)

Goodness, it feels like my kitchen is a laboratory.  It started with a tiny "Something to Try" section from his science book.  He is currently studying plants.  The first small project was growing a sweet potato in a glass jar of water.  Simple enough, we already had all of the necessary items to get started.  Apparently this will takes weeks.  Wonderful!  I have always wanted a sweet potato sitting in a jar of water to display in my kitchen.  :)  Not to mention, I had great lunch plans for that sweet potato... oh well.

Then another "Something to Try" popped up.  This one was called, "Grow a Plant From a Cutting."  Now, I do not have a single living plant in my house.  A green thumb is something I was never blessed with.  It is an injustice to bring a plant into our home.  The plant knows it's final days are near when it enters my house.  So, we decided to ask Grandma, (a.k.a. Ma).  We turned our science lesson into a  typing/email lesson.  Side note:  I believe it is very important to teach children proper typing skills, otherwise they will grow up only using their thumbs.  Back on track, he sent the sweetest little email to Ma asking for plant clippings.  We brought them home from her house and displayed them in a jar of water next to the sweet potato.

Today.... oh, today may have crossed over my threshold.  Today, we started to grow mold.  Yes, you read that right.  After endlessly trying to keep mold out of my kitchen, I am purposely growing mold!  The things you will do for your kids! :)  I am not sure how long I will be able to let that moist piece of bread sit on the plate by the sink.  My kids think its amazing and check on it often.  I will have to grit my teeth and tie my hands behind my back to keep from throwing it out.  Hopefully it grows quickly! Ewwww!!!

The last item I have next to my sink is a heart shaped piece of soap.  My oldest son carved it last night at his Cub Scout den meeting.  He worked very hard on it and carefully wrapped it up to bring it home. What am I saying?  He hacked the daylights out of that piece of soap then threw it in my bag, so I could bring it home!  Since he is not attached to this project, we are going to put it to good use and wash our hands with it.  I decided it should sit next to the mold.  In a way, it makes me feel like the mold is a bit cleaner.  

Boys, they get attached to the strangest things (sweet potatoes, plant clippings, moldy bread) and then could care less about something you thought they were going to treasure.  Boys - gotta love 'em!

Here's to my mold!

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