Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Little Something Extra in the Kitchen

I have made a change in my kitchen. Are you ready? Drum roll please....... CLOTH NAPKINS!!!! Okay, okay, before you roll your eyes and make a remark under your breath about how obnoxious that is, just hear me out.  :) We have always used paper towels and paper napkins in my house.  I had really never considered using cloth napkins until I  started dating my husband (ummm, almost 18 years ago).  His mom ALWAYS used cloth napkins.  She told me once that his dad didn't like paper napkins so when they got married she started using cloth ones.  Now don't get me wrong, it is not like they eat off china and have five course meals.  They are normal, down to earth people who prefer steak and potatoes, as long as there are cloth napkins. :) It took me 12 years of marriage to make the change.  Can you tell I am slow to change?  I know... I am a real risk taker, dare devil.  I throw caution to the wind!!!  :) I decided to purchase cloth bandannas from Hobby Lobby and use those as napkins.  They are only $.99 a piece so I figured buying 10 wouldn't be a waste.  Plus, if we didn't like them or if they fell apart the kids and I could use them for a craft.  The only problem was I didn't want the western look of a typical bandanna.  I was thrilled when I saw the selection at Hobby Lobby.  They had every thing you could imagine, as well, as the traditional look. I picked out 8 which have a turquoise, gray, and white pattern plus I picked up camo for the boys and floral for my daughter.  The kids love using their specific napkins, and I have to make sure not to mix them up.  The boys would NEVER be caught using a floral napkin! :)
While digging in my closest, I also found some red and white checked napkins that I received as a wedding present years ago.  They matched the look I was going for perfectly. I must say I love the little switch I made.  It adds a special touch to our meals.  You may be thinking that they only add more laundry to the already never ending piles.  Not really, I just throw them in at the end of the day with any kitchen towels or dish clothes that need to be washed.  Piece of cake!

I also love how they looked when they are clean and freshly folded on our kitchen shelves.

It's the little things,

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